Perhaps...You decide.

I know I said I would blog about Pozole Verde and share the recipe too.  But, I came across this very interesting entry on Corn Syrup on Learning Every Day while surfing late last night. 

I know if you are health conscious like we are, you will definately want to go check this out.  At any rate...it'll make you think.

I could ramble on and on & put in my 2 cents worth to share my opinion on the subject....  But, Cherie (my new found cyber friend) talks about this subject quite well.  And, she includes a video you'll want to be sure to watch.  Be sure to watch Part 2 as well.
blog lurker (blŏg lurk"er) n. 1. a lurker is a person who reads discussions on a blog or other interactive system like chat room or forum, but rarely participates by contributing their comments.

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Tell me a bit about yourself- who you are, where you’re from, what you do, what you like the most and what you would like to see on this site. This can encourage me to also post more frequently.

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Have you heard of them?
Some people think they are "strict".
But let me tell ya, I met them & I can tell you they are Brilliant, Amazing even!
Who am I talking about?
The Pecks of course.
Yes, Nicholeen & Spencer are just a couple of ordinary parents just like you & I but they have an extraordinary way of dealing with their children that is...well, beautiful, logical & successful.

They have the answers to deal with those parenting issues {children's behavior problems} we have all faced but can choose to no longer have present in our homes.
Sound too good to be true?
Well, it's not I tell ya.

They have taught us the way to teach {Self Governing Skills} to our children.
Skills that help our child(ren) govern themselves.
Can you believe it?
I have the skills.
I also own a copy of their book.
I too have gained the confidence in my own children to be able to {self govern} themselves & have begun to implement the skills we have been taught in our home to our children.

Want to know the secret?
Visit their site:
Teaching Self Government

I promise, you won't be sorry.
And, if you get the chance, attend one of their seminars.
It's a life-changing experience!
Spencer & Nicholeen Peck with their children
Here it is Thursday, January 14th and I can finally say we have got our Spring Semester Schedule down.

It only took us 2 weeks...not too bad considering Devyn came back from a whirlwind of extra curricular activities with his dad {Sea World, SanDiego Zoo, Wildlife Park Zoo & Lego Land} the week right before school resumed.  Next time I will remember to not schedule something like that right before we get back to schooling. 

But, all things considered...we are back into the groove.
One thing Devyn & I have discovered over these past 2 weeks is that he needs a Compass for his day.  I had read about this in the TJEd book called Leadership Education and more recently on my friend, Celeste's blog post {The Binder and The Compass} over @ Cinder Mountain Scholars.

We already had our Binders in place but I then realized that it was "The Compass" Devyn was lacking in his day and that we could both benefit from applying it here at home to better {chart our course}.

So we have started to implement it into place and things are looking like they are {on course}.
Just a few pics here to capture us on New Years Eve.  What do you think of those homemade party hats we made?  Pretty fancy schmancy, huh?

Glitter Scrapbook Paper

Silver Shiny Christmas Garland
(from the Clearance area in Walmart)

A bit of hot glue

Hole punch

Some stretchy cord for straps & whalaa!
Denym & Dyson
Dyxon (took me 4xs to get a good shot of him ~ he just wouldn't look at the camera)
The Happy New Year Baby was not so happy.
There are no shots of Chris.  Just couldn't get him to put a hat on and sit still long enough (not really).  He was busy setting up the poppers & noise makers for The Deputies delight.

We also didn't get any pics of Gma & Gpa Walker either who came to visit & bring down the kids {Guy-Huge-Ic} Christmas presents that we couldn't fit with us when we were up there earlier that month.
They stayed & had pizza & wings with salad & rootbeer!  Yummy!

Devyn was in California on vacation with his dad, Wayne...so there are no pictures of him again this year.
Perhaps we'll have him next year.

Sorry so late on the post...
Hope everyone enjoyed their New Year's celebration.
We are proud to announce we are having another baby!
Some of you may already know this based upon your Facebook membership.  So, this message is for the rest of you in blogland that have not heard the news.

We are thinking {praying} she is a girl...but have not discovered the truth of that matter as of yet.

However, we do have another D name ready and awaiting.
Girl:  Dynae Lynn
Boy:  Dynae Hewitt
Pronunciation:  Den.ay  (like Renae/Renee) accentuating on the last syllable.

I will post ultrasound pics after we have them taken.  Which hopefully will be really soon!
It is amazing that we have been blessed with YOU, this wonderful spirit in our family.  And it is amazing that it has been for a decade now.

The first day I laid eyes upon you I was tickled by your ability to make me laugh.  You looked right square into my eyes and smiled your gummy smile and with all that hair & without any teeth, I pictured a tiny little man {a munchkin, my lil' munchkin} . 

Whether you knew it or not... that moment, I knew you were sent here to me to help keep my spirits up & everybody smiling.

Throughout your life you have strived to keep that role.
You have ALWAYS & will continue to make me smile.
Happy 10th Birthday My Lil' Munchkin!
I hope ALL you wishes come true.
Yes, we are back!
Sorry I havn't posted in awhile.  Things have been crazy busy over here with the Greevers Posse.
Let us recap...
Dec. 18th, we drove up to Nevada to visit my Dad & Carrie (Gma & Gpa Walker).
The kids were absolutely spoiled by them.  That's why it didn't surprise me when the kids wanted to go back the instant we left.
Dagyn & I spent most of the time there sick & unable to eat all of the good food Carrie (Gma Walker) prepared for us all.  We think we may have experienced a bit of food poisoning from the food we had when we stopped to picnic on our way up.  Chris even had a bit-of-a-spell with it too one evening having him retire early one night.
At any rate, because of my health, I didn't take very many pictures while we were there.  But, I did manage to document our drive up there.
Here are a few pics (ok, A LOT of pics) of the road trip.
Gotta love moives on the go.
Makes for a quiet ride.
Chris seems a bit happy. Must be the vacation air.
Watchin' the cars go by aka Zoning Out.
One of our pit stops...thanks Moore Ranch.
Burro Creek Bridge ~ our lunch spot
Pictures & words alone cannot describe the sweetness these 2 girls have bottled up inside them.
The Deputies
It may not be the Bahamas...but I've got a beach to sit on.
The Deputies collected rocks, leaves...
and even shells.
And get this...We even found one shaped like a HEART. Hmmm go figure. First the Watermelon, next the potato chip now a rock. Love surrounds us!
The Deputies skipped rocks & then decided it was much more fun to throw fist-fulls instead. We all agreed it looked like feeding time at the Trout Farm.
Then Dad pulled out the heavy artillery. I just love the way Dyxon is looking at him in awe.
Lunch break...some cold leftover Pizza! Or I might want to say the culprit for our upset tummies...well atleast I am left to believe that is the case.
Yeah, Dylan wasn't too happy with me taking a pic of him eating.
And that about wraps up our trip to (stop at) Burro Creek.
Oh wait, the kids did manage to steal (borrow) my camera and took a couple of shots. Here's the presents under the tree.
And Dad at the top of the stairs. If you notice...he is still sporting that smile. Actually, I think it has gotten bigger!
After we returned to Arizona (the night after actually) we had another Christmas celebration over at Gma & Gpa Madsen's (Chris' parents) with the whole family. 
We ate Chris' famous chicken enchiladas (well atleast they are famous within our families walls) + all the fixin's.  The little kids opened presents and then we headed off to a local neighborhood for their annual display of Christmas lights. 
Not sure why...other than doing a lot of talking...I did not manage to get any pics.
The following Sunday we were off to my sister's to celebrate another Christmas with my sister, Aunt & Uncle and families.
Chris made marshmallow shooters for all the boys (that would be the Big Boys too *wink*) and thus we littered my sister's new home with mini colored marshmallows all over her back yard.
The kids (young & old alike) had a blast.
As you can see by the pics below I kept safe by taking them from behind a closed glass door.  So, they are a little blurry.  Smart thinking on my part since when I tried taking them outside...I was an easy target.  As you can tell in the first pic by my Uncle Clyde aiming right at me.
Later they will have been taught by Chris how to make adaptations to their guns to send them into a fully automatic mode.
My Uncle & 2 of my nephews getting in on the fun.
The Deputies loading up on marshmallows.
You gotta be quick or else be shot!
Well, that would just about wrap it up but I would fail to mention we had yet another celebration back over at Gma & Gpa Madsen's for a traditional Christmas dinner with a layout of Turkey, Ham & all the fixin's later that week.

Well, folks I'm off to bed.  That about covers the tail end of 2009.  We have a birthday to celebrate tomorrow {Devyn turns Double Digits} and then I will play catchup with you all on how things have been going since we started 2010 & how we got back into the groove of schooling (homeschool & public).