Just a few pics here to capture us on New Years Eve.  What do you think of those homemade party hats we made?  Pretty fancy schmancy, huh?

Glitter Scrapbook Paper

Silver Shiny Christmas Garland
(from the Clearance area in Walmart)

A bit of hot glue

Hole punch

Some stretchy cord for straps & whalaa!
Denym & Dyson
Dyxon (took me 4xs to get a good shot of him ~ he just wouldn't look at the camera)
The Happy New Year Baby was not so happy.
There are no shots of Chris.  Just couldn't get him to put a hat on and sit still long enough (not really).  He was busy setting up the poppers & noise makers for The Deputies delight.

We also didn't get any pics of Gma & Gpa Walker either who came to visit & bring down the kids {Guy-Huge-Ic} Christmas presents that we couldn't fit with us when we were up there earlier that month.
They stayed & had pizza & wings with salad & rootbeer!  Yummy!

Devyn was in California on vacation with his dad, Wayne...so there are no pictures of him again this year.
Perhaps we'll have him next year.

Sorry so late on the post...
Hope everyone enjoyed their New Year's celebration.

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