Have you heard of them?
Some people think they are "strict".
But let me tell ya, I met them & I can tell you they are Brilliant, Amazing even!
Who am I talking about?
The Pecks of course.
Yes, Nicholeen & Spencer are just a couple of ordinary parents just like you & I but they have an extraordinary way of dealing with their children that is...well, beautiful, logical & successful.

They have the answers to deal with those parenting issues {children's behavior problems} we have all faced but can choose to no longer have present in our homes.
Sound too good to be true?
Well, it's not I tell ya.

They have taught us the way to teach {Self Governing Skills} to our children.
Skills that help our child(ren) govern themselves.
Can you believe it?
I have the skills.
I also own a copy of their book.
I too have gained the confidence in my own children to be able to {self govern} themselves & have begun to implement the skills we have been taught in our home to our children.

Want to know the secret?
Visit their site:
Teaching Self Government

I promise, you won't be sorry.
And, if you get the chance, attend one of their seminars.
It's a life-changing experience!
Spencer & Nicholeen Peck with their children
01/24/2010 10:16pm

I'm Angie from At Home in Mexico. Thanks for stopping and leaving a comment. Came over to see your blog and Loved it. You have a beautiful family. We love to go camping also, so I look forward to reading about your adventures.
So I'll be seeing you around...Adios!

01/27/2010 8:07am

Well, I'm sure glad you weren't just lurking! I'm sure you notice that I don't really write about the run on the mill sort of things. :-) I tend to be a little (well, a lot) 'unpopular' in how I think about things.
For starters being a month away from having my 4th child and the oldest being 4 1/2, homeschooling, cloth diapering, obsessed about real foods, making cleaning products, fitness, academic reading/classics, and branching on to candle and bar soap making, (and really anything else I can get my hands on!) I really don't have a lot to say to other people... either they think we're weird or just aren't interested.... and I'm not interested in discussing pop culture.
I don't really care that we're weird, but I do enjoy that some people enjoy my ramblings :-) .
Anyway! I wanted to thank you for your comments, and I too think that the age of accountability is more the time that I thought would be a good time to pierce a girls ears. In any case, things have turned out really well for Nyah, it really looks cute and she loves them, who knows! *laugh*

It'll be fun to spy on a fellow homeschool family, and I'm always up for researching if there's anything on your mind too! I too have looked into benefits of raw milk and gluten free diets... seems like there's a lot of "raw" eaters in the TJed community. We definitely refine our habits along our way in hopes of finding the best things to do for our family. I too think the body is an amazing thing that knows what it needs! It's so important to separate fact and fiction in the crazy country we live in!
Okay, sorry to be so long winded, it's always thrilling to find common interest with others! I get a little excited!
I hope I can get to know you better!



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