It is amazing that we have been blessed with YOU, this wonderful spirit in our family.  And it is amazing that it has been for a decade now.

The first day I laid eyes upon you I was tickled by your ability to make me laugh.  You looked right square into my eyes and smiled your gummy smile and with all that hair & without any teeth, I pictured a tiny little man {a munchkin, my lil' munchkin} . 

Whether you knew it or not... that moment, I knew you were sent here to me to help keep my spirits up & everybody smiling.

Throughout your life you have strived to keep that role.
You have ALWAYS & will continue to make me smile.
Happy 10th Birthday My Lil' Munchkin!
I hope ALL you wishes come true.
01/13/2010 12:21pm

Woo Hoo, Congrats on your pregnancy. That's awesome, you are obviously a great mother. Hope your school year is doing good. :)


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