Absolutely Nothing!

But it has everything to do with what has been going on over here.

Let us begin with where we left off...
Dyxon's Birthday.

That cool lucky little kid was still receiving gifts in the mail...
long after the candles on his cake were blown out.
He's such a corn ball.   Look at him cheesin' it up for the camera. 
He cracks me up!
Guess who will be going as a Pirate for Halloween?
Yep, this guy!

Check him out here doing his
"super cool" slam dunk
with his new birthday basketball hoop!
Lovin' that face!
Watch out Michael Jordan!

As for me...and Chris...
we are completely
Overwhelmed with decluttering...
can't wait for when the refurbishing and decorating steps kick in!

But none the less, we are enjoying the freedom it has been offering us.
Things are more mellow and peaceful without the visual clutter.
Ignore the red basket of large stacking blocks on the stack of chairs (still looking for a place for those), the laundry basket on the shelf, vacuum cleaner that was left out and the panel on the frontdoor.
Just keepin' it real folks!

We could really use some new flooring and a brighter color on the wall
(I'm thinking a green that Land of Nod has would be pretty ~ especially with some black furniture).

I guess that means black paint needs to be put on the list too.  Already have plans to make something like this in black (via Ana White):

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