The Crafty Crow
Calling all crafty mommies (& daddies) out there...

Have you checked out The Crafty Crow yet?  Well, it's a must for those of you savvy creative beings out there dripping with creative juices & even for those of you who find yourselves (like me most often) sputtering around in circles trying to come up with some new and interesting crafts to occupy your children (or yourselves for that matter).

The Crafty Crow is doing a Book & Crafty Activity Advent for the Christmas season which is a MUST to check out!  Also, The Crafty Crow sends out some wonderful ideas straight to your email (once you subscribe as a reader)!  And something I am REALLY EXCITED about is their current GIVEAWAY from Imagine Childhood!

Go ck it out now!  Who could win!

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