We all have trials and tribulations in our lives.  We all have loved ones who care about us dearly and want to do their best to help us during these difficult times.  But, have you ever struggled with how to share bad news with those you love without the repercussions of having them worry about you? 

What if the stress of knowing that they are worrying about you will cause your personal struggle to be even more difficult?  What do you do?  Do you share the news with them or do you keep it to yourself and ride it out until things improve just focusing on your personal trial?

Now, what if that struggle has to do with your health?  And your health depended on little to no stressors in order to become stronger...healthier?

There have been many of you that have been wondering where I have been, inquiring of my health, and even others requesting an update. Well, I am now strong enough to sit at this computer and type out what I have been struggling with these past couple months.
  Shortly after Daltyn's birth, my body became riddled with a serious skin rash that covered nearly 80% of my body: my legs, my arms, the tops of both my hands and my feet, my torso, my chest, my bum, my shoulders & shoulder blades, the back of my neck and ultimately...my face!

  My legs became so swollen with infection that I was not able to be on my feet for more than 5 minutes at a time. My legs would become a dark purple if I stood too long and my skin felt as if it would burst open from the swelling.  Standing to take a shower or walk to the bathroom became a painful chore that I dreaded. This left me with no option but to be stricken to bed rest which lasted for the majority of the past several weeks. 

  Unable to resist the intense itching, I also suffered nerve damage caused from the excessive scratching. That nerve damage resulted in pain similar to what a burn victim might experience. Unable to even handle the touch of clothing next to my skin without the burning pain of what seemed like a thousand needles stabbing my body, I was left with a very limited selection of what I could wear. 
Hugs were out of the question.  Cuddling my newborn baby was also something that I could not handle.  Nursing him was enough of a struggle, that as soon as I was done, I had to hand him off to someone else to hold and burb him.

Since those stressors and many others were the main triggers of my flare-ups, we have all had to learn to keep things very low-key around here. 
My recovery has been slow, due to the positive and negative stressors in my life.  Things like: loud noises; pondering whether or not the children were getting along and working well with one another; being concerned about the condition of the house; wondering if the kids were getting their stewardships completed; regretting not being able to conduct our Kidschool regularly; as well as questioning if my family was worrying about me as I lay in bed unable to receive their loving hugs. Since those stressors and many others were the main triggers of my flare-ups, we have all had to learn to keep things very low-key around here. 

My healing has been positive, but it has taken its toll on my body, mind and spirit. Yet, we have all gained a positive experience while trudging through the trenches. My home has become more calm, more quiet and overall more peaceful.  Showing gratitude in the wonderful blessings that surrounded me- my loving family, my supportive husband, our helpful children and the blessing of having a healthy, beautiful baby, not to mention the knowledge shared from my team of health providers- gave me the strength to improve.

I have now reduced my rash to approximately 20% of my body, my strength is returning, the pain is reducing, swelling is gone and I feel my spirit has been uplifted. As my good friend, Shiloah told me...Healing is Mine!

  I still have a way to go before I am fully recovered...but, for now, I am doing better.  I'm still unable to take on the world as I used to.  So, as I continue to heal, I ask for your continued prayers and to be patient with my healing (as I have learned to do).  I will soon be up for company and even coming to church...which will start slow and steady as I seem fit to handle.
For continued updates: please come back to visit as I plan to share the sources and steps I have taken to find healing in this struggle.
Nancy Clelland
2/8/2015 02:29:38 pm

Oh, DeAyn, I am so sorry to hear of this. Know that your family and you will be in our prayers as you continue to gain strength and recover fully so you may once again love what you enjoy....Being an awesome mother!

5/21/2015 04:42:14 am

Thank you Nancy!
Healing has been slow and steady for me. Family and support from many others, like you, have been uplifting in this journey. I am doing much better now. I have managed to attend church on several occasions, keeping things at a low level of activity.
Monitoring my energy levels has helped immensely. Being a 'doer' makes this difficult. But as I continue, I am gaining a better perspective on allowing others to help me. What a wonderful blessing I have denied of myself for far too long.
Thank you for your continued prayers & love.

Camie Riggs
2/9/2015 05:14:23 am

I love you "D" --- glad you shared your life and testimony. Hugs to u! Your in my thoughts and prayers.

5/21/2015 04:45:37 am

Thank you Cam!
As you well know, sharing my life with others has always been not only a struggle for me, divulging weaknesses and shedding light toward dark corners, but it has definitely been an inspiring and uplifting avenue for me.
I love you and appreciate your love and continued prayers as I face this new challenge in my life.


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