Sorry that last post was just a jarbled mess.  But then again...So were my emotions that day.

Things have thus settled down and Dylan is doing GREAT!  He is enrolled in a Yoga class.  He says its really hard but he likes it.  He also just started taking private lessons of Tae Kwon Do (sp?).  Carrie & my dad are planning on joining with him next week.

We just got a call from him tonight saying that he went bowling and scored an 80.  Not bad for him since he doesn't regularly play.  He says it is a result of practicing on the Wii.  Hmmmm...could be right?!

Speaking of the Wii...his grandparents have got him a couple of really cool games to (my fave) is the Wii Fitness (hence the bowling practice).  It will also help to provide him with more physical activity.  He is going to be a completely differnt kid when we see him this coming Summer.

Oh, and about the Summer...he is thinking of going to a Summer Camp in California (Big Bear) for a week.  What a brave kid!  This is not something he would have wanted to do without a lot of coaxing in the past.

He is enjoying school...Likes his teacher...Making friends...the kiddo is also on a gluten & dairy free diet and doing very well!

I don't have any recent pics of I will share the ones we took when he first arrived up there...and then you tell this the same kid?
(getting tired so I will be adding pics soon!)

5/3/2009 12:41:23 pm

I am so glad he is doing well. I have heard the gluten/dairy free diet does wonders with Autism. Gluten Free isn't easy, I can't even imagine taking Dairy away also. Can't wait to see him!! Tell him we say hi. Love you guys.


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