I Can Sustain The Prophet

An LDS Family Home Evening Lesson

Some time ago, one of my children were asked to give a talk in Primary on sustaining the prophet.  I cannot recall all the details but, I most likely whipped these pictures out the morning of the talk.  No surprise there. That was me before I thought I needed to use a calendar and actually plan my schedule.  I did however surprise myself with finding out that I had actually saved them.  And that makes me happy...because now, I get to share them with you!

These visual aids are to be used for a lesson in FHE or in Primary.  I have made this available FREE for you to use as a way to testify of my support and my sustaining of the Prophet, President Thomas S. Monson as well as for the seers and revelators of our time. 

These visual aids are for personal use only.  Thank you.

If you would like me to send you a copy to your email, please comment below with your email address.  I am happy to send you a printable copy.
(click on each picture to enlarge)
Nancy Clelland
4/13/2015 03:02:50 am

This is amazing! You are so talented. Thank you.

4/15/2015 04:09:33 pm

Thank you Nancy! Were you interested in a copy too? Do I have your email?

Vicki Kremer
4/15/2015 08:45:45 pm

Love it. Can you send me a copy of sustaining prophet.

5/21/2015 04:52:06 am

I would love to send you a copy! Please forward your email address to the following:



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