Farmer Boy, by Laura Ingalls Wilder
We had a wonderful time discussing our read-a-loud book, Farmer Boy, by Laura Ingalls Wilder during Mom School today.  I also came across a website for an idea on doing a lapbook to further our study on this book (you can ck it out here).  It has some really good discussion questions to go along with each chapter too!

I also ran across a site of the original farm house of Almanzo Wilder that has a DVD I'm considering purchasing (see video clip above).  I think it would be fun to watch after we read the book together. 

I love it when we find some or even create some fun, hands-on activities to further our studies!

SHOOL BOYS (& girls!)
Currently we are implementing all we can of the TJEd (Thomas Jefferson Education) while we DETOX from the public school system.  We've decided to do this by recommendation from a good friend of mine who has the experience & knowledge I seek.  Here is her blog post on:  DETOX

So for now, we mostly work in the Core Phase of learning while Devyn encroaches upon the Love of Learning Phase.

So here is our layout for today:

Mom School:  Prayer, Pledge, Devotional, read Article from Friend magazine & discuss, Read-a-loud book (Farmer Boy) & discuss

Dylan:  Starts PS (public school) tomorrow, GEMM Learning, Walk with Devyn, finish reading Wizard of Oz

Devyn:  Football Practice, Walk with Dylan, Help read to younger siblings, finish reading Alice in Wonderland

Dagyn:  Read-a-loud 1 story (choice of Dr. Seuss) to mom,  1 Chapter of The Little Princess, practice jump roping, train younger brother, Dyson on how to unload dishwasher, play hide-n-go-seek with little brothers, Dyson & Dyxon

Dyson:  Unload Dishwasher (training), 1 Chapter of Moby Dick, legos, play hide-n-go-seek

Dyxon:  Potty training, 1 Chapter Peter Pan, play hide-n-go-seek

Denym:  play, practice putting away toys, eat, nurse, sleep, repeat.
A Thomas Jefferson Education, by Oliver Van De Mille

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