Based upon the lack of posting one might think that we've fallin off the edge of the earth.  Not so.  Although, that doesn't mean that there hasn't been any falling going on around here.

This past weekend, I fell into this (except it was completely empty):
You see, early in the morning a couple Saturdays ago, Chris (with the help of Devyn) had set out to finish draining the pool and fill it with fresh sparkling clean water while I was in hopes to catch a few extra zzz's and sleep in. 

Denym was quick to interrupt that idea for me. 

Since she woke up earlier than expected, I managed to dress her in a 1/2 dazed slumber and brought her outside for the 2 guys to watch her while I re-entered the house to make a quick breakfast of a toasted frozen waffle and a sippy-cup filled with milk. 

Upon my return...(I was wearing flip-its, mind you) I took 1, then 2 steps into the then empty pool and slipped, bouncing off of my tail-bone from the second step, then falling onto both knees at the bottom of the pool and 'not so softly' landing on my right shoulder.  Granted, I was very bruised up and became stiff and sore for the entire week (Still dealing with sore knees ~ so much for kneeling at prayer) but all is well with me and baby.

Oh, and I would be short to not include that with the fall my immune system became compromised and my allergies flared up!  Now all week I have been toting around my little apothecary basket filled with benadryl, chili pepper nasal spray, allergy eye drops, tissues, an albuterol inhaler & lip medex for the 5 (yes, 5!) cold sores I have developed.

Although such a thing might have brought me down, I have managed to survive yet another trial.  Even though I would much rather be outside right now playing at the park with the kids!

More to be posted later about our New Garden we had set up that afternoon on the day of the fall....or not!?

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