I'm not sure about the rest of you but I am really anticipating eating Thanksgiving turkey.  Not just the trimmin's but TURKEY.  I must be needing the protein or something.
Instead of having sugar plums dancing in my head...I've got turkey breasts, turkey legs, turkey sandwiches, turkey tacos & even turkey casserole parading past my eyes. 
Anyone else out there having the same dreams?
Perhaps it's the fact that we are planning on attending 2 Thanksgiving dinners this coming week.  Or perhaps it's the fact that turkey is where it's at baby.  
(My hubby, Chris would disagree with me right about now...he is salivating for some of my sister's ham...she cooks a Mean Ham!)
So fire up your grill, warm up your oven, throw some coals in your pit or heat up some oil...We're havin' Turkey tonight!
...or atleast sometime this week.  :)
Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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