I came across this post (via a link on friend's blog) which is
profoundly and perfectly titled: 

Dear Angels, (Never let go)

A MUST read for anyone with children.
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Yep, we too are ¢heap like that!

I have been inspired to write this post after reading my friend Rachel's post covering the same topic here:  Because I'm ¢heap Like That.  In her post she mentions all the the corners she cuts or what I call brilliant ways of pinching pennies.  I'm always up for saving a buck or two!

These are a few areas where we have managed to save:

What was once a place for harboring the monstrosity we so often used for re-heating our food and popping those never-ending bags of popcorn, is now a barren space.  Yes, if you haven't guessed already, we rid ourselves of...
dun, dun, dun...
(couldn't help myself...the picture above just reminds me of a nightmarish Alfred Hitchock movie)
The Microwave.

UPDATE:  after I started this post, we did end up filling the void with our toaster (temporarily of course).... I think we shall get a toaster oven.

"Why?", you may be asking yourself right now.  How could anyone NOT have a microwave.  Everyone has a microwave!  Well, atleast everyone in the 20th Century...Right?  Wrong!

Well, hopefully you will see things from our perspective after you read this (or at the very least understand where we are coming from):