Ok, so that's not really her...here she is, Our Little Cupie Doll.


A couple of books we are currently reading...

This book is being read by only me (thanks to my friend, Julie!).  I couldn't put down the first book, Twilight.  I decided to buy the book to read after I went to see the movie with a few friends of mine...Julie Klunt, Jill Eubanks & Sharla Carpenter.

I have to admit...I have NEVER wanted to read a book after I had seen the movie.  But, something grabbed me with this one.  Curiousity might have got the cat...but in this case for me it was the 'vampires'.

I love a good suspense thriller...this also had the drama/love story behind it.  Or was it the other way around???

Any hoo, so now I am reading the 2nd of the 4 books, New Moon by Stephenie Meyer.   Cannot wait for the next one!

The Christmas Sweater, what a good book so far.  Chris is almost done reading it.  I suppose if we had more time on our hands we both would have read it in an afternoon.  Yes, it is that good and pretty easy to read.

We have both decided to read it to our children this year to hopefully instill a valuable lesson.  Reading this may become another Christmas holiday tradition with our family.



Just a fun slide show of some new & old pics.




Yep, it's true...he really did!  The curls are gone!

As the curls fell to the ground tears were shed (by mommy of course).  He was such a trooper.  And, he looks so handsome too!

He looks older with the haircut!  I think I just found more gray hair on my head! :)

Here is a picture of him before the haircut with his long blonde, curly locks of hair.

It seems like only yesterday that he got his first haircut.

He had a totally different outlook on that one...huh? (see pic below)

Awe, what a cutie pie!


I am proud to announce that Denym is sitting up on her own...a bit wobbly at times but seems to have her balance for the most part.

I've added some pics of her and her big brother, Dyxon playing together.
We are SO proud!
(Thanks Auntie LaLa for the outfit *wink*~she's our little strawberry shortcake)

Oh, and also...she broke in her first tooth last weekend.  You can feel it but you just can't quite see it yet.  So, I will post pics of that later. (Just another "Good News Minute").


Alright, so I have to admit...I am one of those moms whose children are better at technology than me...No, wait...I am one of those moms whose own mother is better at technology than me.  Yeah, I know...that is BAD!  Pitiful is more like it.

Well, with that being said...I have figured out my card reader and I am finally able to upload my pictures from my cell phone.  So, it may be a bit confusing to view the following posts (and the one prior "American Heritage Festival") as being all on the same day.  Thus, I remind everyone to be sure to read the "fine print" fo find out when these pics were actually taken.  Please don't go by the date of the post alone.!



We took the kids to the American Heritage Festival on November 15, 2008.  It was a blast!!!!  I've never enjoyed our American History better!  And, not one time did we deal with any of the children complaining.  It kept everyone busy and interested.

We hope to go back next year!
Ck out the pics below...