Our New House (rainbow in background)
Yep, that's right...we moved on ya.  But what a great move it has been. 

We have gone from a single story 3bd 1 & 3/4ba to a 2 story 5bd 3.5ba.  And we have more than double the square footage!!!

Couple sacrifices we had to make though were: 
  1. no more pool (which is actually a blessing in disguise since there is no more maintenance & costs involved ~ also we have the benefit of the community pool which is much BIGGER!)
  2. square footage of our backyard (which is also a blessing in disguise since there is less maintenance as well ~ also we have the benefit of 2 playground structures within walking distance - 1 that is 3 stories HIGH!)

The kids love it!  They all have good sized rooms (nobody lost any space) with an added plus of walk-in closets in each bedroom and they also have a large sized loft for their Playroom/Schoolroom.  Dylan scored BIG-TIME with his own Master Suite...that's right, the house came with 2 Master Suites (one slightly smaller than the other with a much smaller bathroom - yet unsurprisingly enough, it is still bigger than our Master bedroom & bath in our old house). 

Oh, and don't even get me started on the fun times that have already been gained from the stairwell...
sorry for the blurry image ~ cell phone
Yep, there is Devyn tucked into a sleeping bag getting ready to descend the stairs with the peanut gallery observing from above....good times, good times!
As soon as we get more settled, I will post more pictures of our home.  Glad you stopped by!
matthew mccarthy
8/16/2011 02:42:34 am

glad to see the new digs..wish you were closer as i would rent you to be my kids mom...xoxo tell dylan i said hello ....will be watching and reading youre progress..xoxo


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