Here are a few Christmas-time shots of the family put into a slide show that I forgot to post (amongst numerous other posts waiting in cue).
In the meantime, I will try and briefly mention what we all have been up to.
  • Chris has been working out of town (& state) lately.  We hope to be able to visit my dad and step-mom soon, when his work will bring him to Las Vegas, NV.
  • I have recently taken up two professions: that of a lawyer/paralegal as well as a nurse.
  • Dylan is now at home with the other 5 children being home schooled and is showing a great fondness for it!
  • Devyn has earned his Arrow of Light and will be having his Crossover to Boy Scouts this month.
  • Dagyn has now lost both of her two front teeth and is reading "Charlotte's Web" on her own - which I am afraid is only going to feed her desire in having her own little baby piglet even more.
  • Dyson will soon be an avid reader like her older siblings as he insists on taking his turn during our Morning Devotional in reading the scriptures.  He has already read a few really tough words on his own.
  • Dyxon's improvement in building just keeps growing and growing.  He has also improved in his artistic talents and I am finding he is wanting to "hang out" with me more & more throughout the day (which I am loving of course - he is such the conversationalist!).
  • Denym has been diagnosed with Anemia and is now required to supplement her Iron intake.  So, I am discovering creative ways of adding Blackstrap Molasses to almost everything she eats & drinks (including her favorite: Orange Juice).
  • Daxyn is convinced he needs to ditch the "baby" food and eat more "table" food that everyone else eats.  We keep wondering if he'll ever grow out of his cute chubby faze and manage to actually crawl instead of doing this G.I.Joe crawl he has mastered.
I've recently changed the font to our blog...still .wondering if it suits me.  Would love to hear your feedback.

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