Photography by April Sayre
Photography by Jess Leonard
A couple weeks ago, Daxyn had his portraits taken by two wonderful friends of ours, Jess Leonard & April Sayre, at two different shoots.
Both sets of portraits turned out amazing.  They are both such talented women.

Jess is a natural light & an on location photographer and April has her own studio equipment and is also an on location photographer. I highly recommend them both if you are needing a photographer.
08/10/2010 3:14pm

What a beautiful picture! I love it! I wish we were close enough to have Jess take our pictures. :-(

08/16/2010 2:02pm

Hi DeAyn! Your site is SO cute! This is Nicole from the History Party group. I'd love to send you an invite to our family blog. It's fun getting to know you. Your kids are adorable!


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