Milk does make StRonG BoNeS!!!

This is our new buddy...Mr. Buddy Bones.  He emerged from a few milk jugs this afternoon.
He has now made himself at home with the rest of the Halloween decor.
And what about the spiderwebs you may be asking yourself right now...well, here they are:
Not exactly what you were expecting?  Let's just say, I wasn't either.  

Oh what little webs we weave...
In this case one little angry boy with a little angry rock was weaving this one in my double-paned glass door the other night.  

Where is the little boy who wove this web? 
He is now fast asleep in his bed!
10/6/2009 09:19:56 am

I love the skeleton! We'll have to make some too.

Sorry about the door! We've had similar happenings before.


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