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This is a must for Mexican Food and Soup Lovers alike!
Pozole Verde!

I originally came across this recipe over at: At Home in Mexico
Angie, over there does this recipe much more justice than I can.  That is why I give you her link to the original recipe.

I warn you:
She cooks like me w/o exact measurements so don't be alarmed...you can manage well with this one...it is pretty "no-fail".

The only adaptations we made were:
 substituting the whole chicken with a few chicken breasts
(which we DO NOT recommend doing ~ it skimps on flavor)
as well a few toppings
(which in our opinion is just extra any way).

Here is our end result:  PASS!
Even our daughter, our Resident Soup Connoisseur
(as we like to put it nicely),
She even had a 2nd helping!
Yeah, that says A LOT for this recipe!!!

It's got a hearty, tangy, spicy flavor to it....Yummy!
You're going to love it!

So...what are you waiting for?  Don't take my word for it...
Head on over to Angie's blog and whip some up tonight for yourself!

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