For all of you who know Dyxon...he is a tuff lil' guy!  But that is an understatement compared to what that boy went through these past few days. 

On Sunday evening, the evening we were to go to my sister's for Thanksgiving (you can read more here why we couldn't go), Dyxon was spinning with his stuffed puppy, fell and hit his left eye on the train table leaving a nice 1/2" laceration.  Well, it didn't bleed much but because it was so close to the eye we took him in to Urgent Care to check it and make sure he was ok.

Everything was ok.  He vision was not affected and he did not need stitches.  Apparently his Mommy (that's me) is getting pretty darn good at applying butterfly bandages.  They cleaned it and applied tape which should fall off in about 1-2 weeks.

But that's not all....just yesterday him and Dyson were playing in the bathroom.  Yes, I know what your thinking...'that's the most dangerous place to play'.  Well, I would have to agree with you on that one.  The thing is, I had no idea they were in there.  You see...they were in "stealth" mode.

It wasn't until I heard a huge low sounding bang and then a shattering crash that I sprung from where I was and sprinted into the main bathroom where when I opened the door I was greeted with screams of terror and a short wave of broken glass cascading out the doorway spilling into the hallway.

If you haven't guessed already...the huge 70's style mirror that practically covered the entire West wall of the bathroom fell and crashed into various sized shards of glass.
An After Picture of the Missing Bathroom Mirror
As I frantically looked around I found Dyson safely positioned in the bathtub yet screaming wildly in fear and Dyxon located behind the door standing in a pile of broken glass dripping with blood from various parts of his body.

Once I located the cuts by cleaning off all the blood, I had assessed that the damage was not as bad as I had first feared...even though a cut on the inside of his lip bled SO MUCH that it had me worried that he had cut him self WORSE somewhere inside his mouth!

He only had a few cuts and only 1 was worth determining if it needed stitches... which was on his foot.  This was only because of the location that it seemed to keep popping open from his movement.  But, it did not continue to bleed...which was good.

He had a bump on his forehead (left side near the hairline) where it appears that the HUGE mirror struck him, leaving a couple cuts before cascading into a million pieces.  A slice above and inside his upper lip.  A tiny stab-like puncture and small nick on his chest where the glass penetrated through his shirt.  And the ominous slice on his left foot.

So that now all is said in done...I fear my baby boy looks like he has been through a battle field....yet is still happy as ever (except for when it comes time to clean and bandage his foot).
Tuff Guy is an Understatment
Alice Hallett
12/04/2009 6:19pm

Goodness gracious! Hope everything heals well and that you are able to keep up with everything! You're amazing!

12/04/2009 10:04pm

Funny you should say that because I ALSO hope I can keep up with everything!
Chris just left on business for the weekend and I've got the kids and the house to myself.
Well I do have my inlaws right down the street. So no worries.


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