A lot has happend over this past month...

...like for instance, Dagyn's birthay celebration.  

Since Dagyn got a 'newly refurbised' bike for her birthday, we decided to celebrate by taking a bike ride to the nearby park (or should I say, water retention area).  Chris had painted Devyn's old bike purple, added some bells & whistles (well a bell, a basket & some streamers) & I drew some silver pin-stripping decals on it ~ she loved it! 

Devyn, unfortunately, wasn't home to join us (he was at football practice) when we got the spur-of-the-moment idea to go.  Even without all of us there we still managed to have a great time.

Chris left me with the 2 little ones while Dylan, Dagyn & Dyson followed along with him to Mickey D's for some burgers & fries.
During that time Dyxon, Denym & I enjoyed playing 'chase down the mountain' (running down the slope/hill), hide-n-go-seek behind the trees (well actually, Denym just curiously watched Dyxon & I) & catch with the soccer ball that we brought along with us. 
Afterwards, when Chris & the others got back & we had eaten...we all played a very short game of (one-base) kick ball.  I think everyone ended up just kicking the ball 1 time.  If Devyn was there, I know we would have had to drag him away from playing all into the night... Even if he had just finished practicing football for 2 hours.

The kids also enjoyed playing in the trees & running around while Chris & I got to chat for a moment or 2 in between all the action.

We all knew it was time to pack up and head home when Denym spotted the moon.  Good night moon.
(more to come...)
9/9/2009 03:04:18 pm

How fun!! Hayden was asking about you guys the other day. We should do a play date soon!


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