11:00 am and still in bed....Teenagers....Geesh!

Who would give for a chance to sleep in again besides me?

I remember the day when given the chance to sleep in.  But that was usuallly because I was up half the night doin' goodness knows what, with goodness knows who at goodness knows where. 
For those of you who knew me well then, probably already know the answers to those questions because you were the ones I was with.  And your not tellin anyone what you know or else you would end up dying a slow and painful death (atleast that is what I hear).

So who here says that this boy needs to be woke up in the following manner:
a)  gently coax him out of his deep slumber by sitting next to him on the bed and talking sweetly to him while patting his back and nudging him nicely.
b)  wait until the baby is crying uncontrollably and set her down next to his head and wait until he can't stand no more that he either wakes up to pick her up and gently comfort her (or) else put her outside his door so he can then shut his door and get back into bed.
c)  have all the little kids armed with pots & pans & any other loud noise maker march into his room to perform their rendition of "Reveille".
d)  wait patiently until he wakes up on his own as to not disturb his precious beauty sleep.
e)  dump a bucket full of iced water over his head.

I'm sorta leaning towards the last one...what do you think?
Cast your vote now by leaving a comment with your favorite choice!

7/29/2009 03:17:15 am

Most definitely "c"!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I don't believe we are related, though it is definitely an uncommon last name and possible. I once did a search and found many in AZ with the same name; nice to hear from one of you and who also homeschools! From my understanding, the family name traces back as French Canadian.

By the way, you have a beautiful family!

7/29/2009 03:19:15 am

I forgot to mention that I love your use of "y" in all the names, yet another something in common. My daughter's name is Jordyn.


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