Lately, I have joined a few new homeschooling groups online. And, I noticed I am finding myself introducing our family on somewhat on a regular basis. So, I thought I would write up an introduction and post it to our blog to kill 2 birds with one stone: My Introduction & a link to our Family Blog. :)

I am sure things will change as life progresses and then I'll need to make updates. Until then...

(Sorry for the repeat, for those of you who have already heard my story)

We are a homeschool family that follows and teaches by the Thomas Jefferson Educational methods; a Leadership Education. We collect and read a lot of classic literature together. We enjoy hiking, camping and rockclimbing in the great outdoors. We have recently become more knowledgeable in canning and preserving and have plans for a box-garden to grow our own fruits and vegetables. We are currently working on the structural plans of a chicken coop to house 6 hens, which we plan to make in our woodshop-converted portion of our garage. (UPDATE: we finished our chickie's coop and our hens are laying on average 4-6 fresh eggs per day. Yum!)

We recently have been enjoying beautifying our new home, which we have lived in a full year this past July 2012. 

We consider our family to be a 'Posse' and currently have 8 (now 9) Deputies:

~ 19-year-old son with Autism (more specifically, Asperger's Syndrome) who enjoys reading fantasies, acting and drawing;

~ 12 year old son (soon to be 13) who is deep into the military and hunting (he was drawn for & went on his first elk this year);

~ 9 year-old daughter that loves to draw, write, dance & sing and who I believe is part fish during the warmer months of the year;

~ 7 year-old son who has just become highly interested in archery and one day has plans on building his own hot-rod right before he joins the military;

~ 6 year-old son who knows he will someday be an engineer & fly his own plane, right after he is a farmer of course;

~ 4 year-old daughter that not only inspires to draw like her big sister but shows a keen interest in beauty and fashion (more specifically mom's makeup & shoes);

~ 2 year-old son that loves mud, cars, tractors & trains (oh and don't forget milk!);

~ our son, born in Sept 2011 who awaits us in heaven;

~ and last but not least, our newborn daughter, our 'rainbow' baby, who joined us in October :)
8/27/2012 11:31:44 am

Thanks for your comment on my post about homeschooling methods! I've heard of the Jefferson method, but have not looked into fully. Your family looks bright and happy! Nice to meet you.


12/17/2012 01:02:28 pm

Love the introduction! I haven't kept up with things lately. What new homeschool groups are you joining?


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