Sorry for not posting this (and other posts) sooner.

Some of you may not know that Dylan attends a special needs school to accomodate his special need, Autism.  Every year the school puts on a Holiday Festival right before the break for the students and their families.

These are the things we did when we attended this year's Holiday Festival @ Dylan's School:   We got to play on the playground, decorate cookies & eat them, visit with Santa, eat lunch (yummy hotdogs & hamburgers), play on the playground some more, play carnival games: ball maze (Devyn's favorite)/mini golf/tic-tac-toe bean bag toss/bottle rings/quarterback football toss (Dyxon's favorite)/hockey, sing Christmas carols with a live band (well, one guy on an electric guitar - good enuff), eat candy canes and all the while we managed to fit in one temper tantrum & a nap.  And no, neither were me.  Although I sure could have used that nap.

We hope you enjoy looking at the pictures as much as we enjoyed being at the festival.  See slide show below.

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