Happy birthday Chris, my love, my king, the father of my children!
You are celebrated this day as the hero of our family!

It is your day to shine.

May love envelope you this day as you set forth to conquer another year.
May your goals and aspirations be met with accomplishments along the way.
May happiness grow within your heart and the sparkle shine brightly within your eyes.
May your meek and gentle spirit bring comfort to those who have lost or mourn a sadness within.
May your strength provide the example to those who are week and doubt their faith.
May your testimony of truth provide the confidence in others who have strayed along their way.
May your steps bring forth a path for our children to follow and then to one day lead upon their own.
May our children continue to look to you for knowledge and guidance in their every way.
May my love and admiration for you lift you and fill your heart always.

And may God so forever shine his ever-lasting love upon you.

I love you!
Happy Birthday.

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