Or shall we say...the Dark Knight!?!?

WE had a blast yesterday with cousins for Devyn's b-day.  We took lots of pictures and just had a very low-key celebration...except for the surprise celebrity appearance of the DArk KniGht!

Devyn & I took some really fun shots before everyone started showing up.  Dagyn took them so a few are a bit blurry.

The follwoing pic we (Devyn & I) call "The Screamer!"

Making silly faces...



Yep it's true...we love eachother!

Afterwards we got busy making his b-day cake. 

EVery year, I have the kids pick out their favorite cake & icing and then we make it together.  This year he decided on chocolate, chocolate cake with blue sprinkles.

Devyn couldn't wait to Lick the Bowl!

Or the rubber spatula.

Soon after we had Dyson join us...

And Dagyn...

Devyn took "Licking the Bowl" to a new depth...

Who knew that chocolate cake batter made TERRIFIC Hair Gel.

Ok, so I am runnin late (As Usual)...so I will continue this later...I have LOTS more pics to share.

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