Dagyn Marie

our little papoose
7 years ago we celebrated the birth of our daughter, Dagyn Marie.

Dagyn, you are a blessing to us and to your family. 
You are such a sweet and kind little girl. 
You always show selfless acts to all you encounter in all you do. 
You are so very smart and an inspiring example to your brothers and sister. 
You are everything we have ever wanted in a daughter. 
We love you,
your Heavenly Father loves you...
You make this world brighter!
Dagyn had an eventful birthday.  It began by visiting the splash pad/park with some of her home schooled friends.
Dagyn then conquered the spinning monkey bars. 
This is something she has been working on for years. 
What an accomplishment for her on her 7th birthday ~ thanks to the help from  her friend, Dallin Hipps.
As per her request, we then headed over to Old MacDonald's for lunch.
{McDonald's to the rest of the world} 

Mmm mmm, gotta love them burgers!
As soon as we returned home, we found out that Cousin Micah
{our family's hairstylist}
was down the street giving Gma Madsen a haircut.  
Dagyn has been yearning to cut her hair {for quite some time} and donate it to the little children who have cancer {Locks of Love}.

Thanks Micah...You are Amazing...We love you!
She was so excited & happy with her new hairstyle when she came home. 
Gma Madsen then took her shopping for a couple of new birthday outfits
{tags still intact}.
For dinner she had her favorite meal...
{girl after my own heart}
and topped it off with chocolate chip cookies
{courtesy of her Primary Presidency}
with vanilla ice cream that we had in the freezer which was left over from Daxyn's blessing the day before.
Birthday Treat
You would think that all of this would have been a perfect ending to a perfect birthday...yet, she still has her brand-new bike that is waiting to be picked up and is expecting even more gifts in the mail from her
Gpa & Gma Walker.
new bike
surprise in the mail

After opening her gift in the mail, it inspired yet another photo shoot. 
This time we took it outdoors.
These are her own poses. 
Everything I had suggested, she would just giggle at me like I was silly.
What a blessed girl she is...
or rather, what a blessing she is to all of us!
{handmade flower clip ~ bday gift from her friend Madeline Hipps}

Happy Birthday Dagyn!
08/27/2010 9:55pm

Happy Belated Birthday! It is amazing how much she is looking like her mama with her new do! Gorgeous!


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