I am a little late in getting this posted but better late than never, right?

I know I'm a little biased in the matter... But isn't he the cutest & happiest baby ever?!
Just shy of 5mos
We are so blessed to have this little doodle bug in our lives.  He is such the farmer boy around here.  Grandma Carol often says he looks and acts like his great-grandpa Billy, a farm boy too.  His appetite is NeVeR satisfied and he is always up to mischief.  Yep.  And you could say he holds his own around here despite the fact that he is the youngest of four brothers.

He is very protective and always looks out for his baby sister (as well as his big sister, who he adores) and can often be found holding Denym's hand guiding her back to his Daddy and me.  He is such the gentleman.

He is ever-loving and has a heart of gold.  One could not deny that he loves his Heavenly Father, Jesus and family.  He often volunteers for the family prayer around here.  In fact, even when it isn't his turn you will often hear his faint echo of those who are giving the prayer.

He is a great climber too and enjoys spending time with his Daddy.  Daddy is very proud!  Since he has a love for food, he also enjoys being in the kitchen, just like his Daddy.  I believe when his siblings are all grown & gone, he'll be the one staying home to help out around here.  His Daddy & I would love that.

Just take a look at what we mean when we say he is "The Cutest lil' Doodle Bug!"
Filling his Daddy's Shoes
Filling his Daddy's [Hard] Hat.
He actually wanted to change his baby sister.
Did I mention he LoVeS to eat?
Big Helper
When Doodlebug was little he would allow us to put him down for naps or bedtime without any fuss as long as he had his 3 B's.
What are the 3 B's you ask? 
and Baba
Dyxie & his star blanky
An accomplishment Dyxon acheived prior to turning 3 was becoming potty-trained.
He then decided that he must help his little baby sister with her potty-training.  Here he is reading a story to his baby sister while she sits on the potty seat.  I had come into the room when he was helping her take off her diaper & announced he was helping Denym go potty.  Way to go BIG GUY!!!
A little 'birthday cake' conversation.
Me:  What kind of birthday cake do you want Dyxie?  Rainbow sprinkles..., Chocolate..., Vanilla...?

Dyxon:  Vanilla.

Me:  Do you want sprinkles on it?

Dyxon:  yes.

Me:  Do you know what vanilla is?

Dyxon:  no.

Me:  It's a white cake with white frosting (I am presuming here that he wants the vanilla frosting too)  Are you sure you want a vanilla cake?

Dyxon:  I want chocolate, chocolate, chocolate cake.

Me:  Ok?...Does that mean you want chocolate chip, chocolate cake with chocolate frosting?

Dyxon:  yes.

Me:  Do you still want sprinkles?

Dyxon:  yes.

Me:  Rainbow?

Dyxon:  yes, with cuppycakes.

Me (thinking):  phfew...glad that's over with...now on to the EASY part:  Baking.
Puttin' on the sprinkles while donning the birthday sombrero
Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you...
Happy 3rd Birthday BiG GuY!!!! 
Here's to another year of mushy kisses, mischief & messy faces!
I've included a little slide show of some of Dyxon's highlights over the past 3 years...Enjoy!

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