Ok, so we decided to homeschool our children and a friend of mine said I should start a blog [thanks Jill].  I hope it will serve as not only for a personal journal but so others may to turn to it for inspiration & support.  I have always enjoyed reading other's blogs but did not really know how to get started on my own...so here it goes...

Chris & I have done some research and we have decided that [what would best suit our family] would be a "leadership education".  So we are beginning to apply the Thomas Jefferson Education method to our life.  We believe it will have the best framework for the education we want to provide for our children.

Here are some more links with information that we have been leaning towards with curriculum/structure and are contemplating as well:

The Story of the World:  History

KImbCo Curriculum:  Math, Social Studies, Science

Kindred Learning (home of the Four Year Plan)

Glenn Doman:  Reading

Well, that's about as good as it gets for my starting blog....I've got 6 children to tend to and teach.  Until next time...

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