I bet you are all chomping at the bit wondering..., "What the Earth are they going to name their baby boy?"

Keeping in mind that there is certain criteria in coming up with the {perfect} name for a baby in this family {i.e. starts with a "D", has a "y" in it and if to match the other children's names...it probably should be only 5 letters}, we took the advice from a few wonderful friends:

 Thanks Rachel for reminding us to trust our feelings and that we would know the right name by it harmonizing with us. 

And to Amy &Teal for taking the challenge into their own hands and suggesting some "new" names we hadn't even considered!

...If it wasn't for them, I just know we would still be in a pickle.  And I did NOT want to be "that mom" who hadn't a clue what her baby's name was even after he was born.  You see, I like to personalize the whole experience for "all" of us by referring to my children {as early as in the womb} by their first names.  I'm not alone on that, I hope...?

Okay, Okay...on with the name already...I know you want to know...
So here it is...
Our new addition to our family will be known as:

Daxyn Hewitt Greevers
(as the Warthen's put it:  like Jackson with a D}

You see, it just harmonizes with us!
And Chris is super excited that he can refer to him as "Dax"!

There you go...Now you know.
02/13/2010 9:11am

Daxyn - now that is a cool name!

02/13/2010 9:33am

Thanks! It's a name we {& hopefully he} can be proud of!

02/13/2010 9:42am

how did you decide on Hewitt?

Amy & Teal
02/13/2010 1:42pm

AWWW! That is so wonderful and so stinkin cute! Dax, I love it...it is perfect! Yeah for Greevers! What a wonderful time for all of you! Now if we could just get some time in to see you all again soon!

02/14/2010 12:15pm

@ Rachel: Hewitt is a family name on Chris' side. His Mother's maiden name actually. My niece, Mariah had mentioned @ her latest bday party that Hewitt would make a great boys name. I immediately jumped on it and strong-armed her into using the name as a middle name for our little guy....alright, I asked her politely. She said it would make a good middle name and that she would be using it for a first name anyway. We agreed.

@ Amy & Teal: We concur...we DO need to find some time to get together.

Thanks again...we couldn't have done it w/o you all!

03/06/2010 8:00pm

Very Cute!! Good job Amy and Teal!!


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