A week ago today, Dagyn {age 6} lost her first tooth!!! 
We were all so excited for her and even more excited to what the Tooth Fairy would have in store for her that night.
Well, little did we know that if you pull your tooth out a day early...the Tooth Fairy doesn't show up! 


I know, we were shocked too!  Supposedly, the Tooth Fairy keeps such a strict agenda and is VERY BUSY so she doesn't have room for adjustments to her schedule.  So, a word to the wise:  if you pull a tooth out early...expect delays.
{Apparently, Dad's know this sort of stuff ~ that's all I'm going to write on the subject}.

Too make up for her absence, the Tooth Fairy left a note apologizing for the mix-up.  Plus she left a nice Tooth Pillow for follow-up visits in addition to a shiny silver dollar tucked into the pocket.
The following note reads:
January 28, 2010

Dear Dagyn,

Sorry about the other night.
Keep brushing your teeth.
I'll be back for more.
Make sure to put them in
the "tooth pillow" I left for

The Tooth Fairy
03/12/2012 4:57pm

The tooth fairy is just so sweet for leaving an apologizing letter for the mix-up. Well, the tooth fairy is always busy, and there is the inflation to consider now. LOL. Kids now can't expect an immediate and big-time paycheck. Hoho.


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