Well, not exactly.  But when you have a family that has most of its birthdays in May, you are bound and determined to have enough sweet stuff (birthday cake/ice cream/cuppycakes) to last you until December.
Just within our immediate family, there are 3 birthdays:
  • Chris ~ May 1st
  • Dyson ~ May 11th
  • Denym ~ May 21st
Then there is the extended family's birthdays:
  • Dylan (nephew) ~ May 14th
  • Macie (niece) ~ May 18th
  • Carol (Chris' mom) ~ May 19th
  • Derrick (nephew) ~ May 20th
  • Dawn (Chris' sister) ~ May 23rd
  • Janett (aunt) ~ May 28th
That's a whole lot of cake in one month!

My sister-in-law (mother of 3 of these May babies), says to keep your clothes on in August!  It's a fertile month!

Happy birthday May babies!!!

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