I thought this was interesting poll regarding what the primary reason most Christian parents send their children to secular public schools instead of private or home schooling.  I found it in an article:  Christians called to mass exodus from public schools.

1/20/2009 02:10:21 am

My oldest son will be starting Kindergarten in August and I'm not excited about it. We can't afford private school, and I can't home-school right now. I definetly don't want him to be in public schools for long. The negatives out-weigh the positives of public school big time. Especially here in California with all the liberal hippies and such!

1/21/2009 02:44:22 am

Hi there,

It is true. We haven't talked to you for a while. We sold our house and we are in the process of buying my parents. They are living here right now, but will probably be closing and everything on their house out in AJ by the end of the month. Things are kind of crazy here, but really good. We are all just getting over the flu, again! We really miss you guys and hope that all is going well! Love you!


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