I spent many a Summer with my grandparents growing up.  And I can remember one special tradition my grandparents began for me was that of celebrating my "unbirthday".  As Neologistic a tradition it may have been it has sparked the beginnings of a new tradition we do with our children:  Half Birthdays - or unbirthdays to some.I'm thinking you may remember being 7 (or perhaps as young as 3) and claiming your mark on being at the halfway point yourself.  Meaning you were older than that of the other kids your age at only 7 years old.  You were in fact, 7 AND a half!  And that, my friend, was a BIG deal.

Well, just like when we were 7...or any age thereat...when that 6 month mark rolled around, it meant something.  And with our children it means a little something more.  It means some special one-on-one time with either parent of their choosing...a celebration of sorts.  And tonight marked the night of celebrating Dagyn's 1/2 Birthday!  7 and a HALF, that is to all you 7 year olds out there.

We started off getting dinner at Sonic  Not a regular thing at our house - eating out that is.  So that is special in and of itself.

Once our tummies were full, we headed over to the $2 Theatre for a showing of the 3rd Chronicles of Narnia movie.  Such a good movie...it has inspired me to read the books to the kids soon.

When the movie got out we hit the Double-Decker Carousel inside the mall.
After Dagyn tamed the Dragon on the DD Carousel...
There was a quick wish at the fountain to hope for great things
as she finishes the year off right and then we headed home.
But not before we topped things off with an Oreo Shake...
Mmm, Yummy!
In closing, I shall leave you with the Mad Hatter & March Hare as they sing, A Very Merry Unbirthday. 

Oh, and to all of you out there...a Very Merry Unbirthday to you! 
Yes, you!