So we [finally] had Dagyn's Baptism this month and it went beautifully!  Her cousins, Morgan & Macie came (they are the 2 in the lavender dresses) and that really put a smile on her face.  Dagyn and Morgan have been best friends since the day they were born.  With only 8 months apart they are quite the 2 peas in the pod. 
Since we moved and haven't seen much of her lately, I bent the rules a bit and let Dagyn have a sleepover with Morgan.  It went quite well.  We had some deep discussions on the Gospel about The Creation and [of course] Baptism.  The girls made BFF friendship bracelets with one of the gifts Dagyn received from her Nama, who also came to her Baptism.
We also had a wonderful visit afterwards with my Aunt Janett & Timmy who we wrangled into taking Dylan home for us since we took on the extra passenger for the sleepover ;) and didn't have room for all of us. 
....yes, I know what you are thinking...
                        ...YOU NEED a 12 Passenger Van!...
                                   ...believe me, we are aware of it and looking!...
Oh, I almost forgot to mention that Devyn was such the warrior brother, standing up with Dagyn at her side as she sang a song from the pulpit ...I Feel My Savior's Love.

Here is Paul Cardall's's beautiful....almost as beautiful as when Dagyn sang it.  I only wish there was a way I could have recorded her.  But since we do not allow any recordings or photography within the Chapel, you get to enjoy this version as a sweet substitute...
I love Paul Cardall's music.  We often use his CD to help our children relax during Quiet Time &  Bedtime.

Dagyn & Chris quickly suited up & jumped into their white jumpsuits.  I had only a brief moment to capture them both right outside the Primary Room so the picture isn't of the best quality there is...sorta looks like a camera phone picture.  Oh well, they are both just such beams of light and I couldn't go without sharing this special moment between them.  She is truly Daddy's little girl!
Dagyn's Grandma, Carol gave a wonderful talk on Baptism, reminding us that all who seek eternal life must follow the example of the Savior by being baptized and receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost.  And making clear that the ordinance  must be performed by one having priesthood  authority and that it must be done by immersion. 

She also made reference to our Baptismal Covenant by being members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, stating: Those who are baptized enter into a covenant  with God to take upon themselves the name of Jesus  Christ, keep His commandments,  and serve Him to the end and that as church  members we renew this covenant each time they partake of the sacrament (see Mosiah 18:8–10; D&C 20:37;  D&C 20:77, 79). 
Those who keep the covenants they made at baptism are blessed by the Lord for their faithfulness. Some of the blessings include the constant companionship of the Holy  Ghost, the remission of sins, and the privilege of being spiritually reborn.  If we continue faithfully, we are  promised eternal  life (see 2 Nephi  31:19–20).

We've covered the beauty of the the comedy...

These are the Many Faces of Daxyn that I captured one evening at, I don't usually eat dinner with my camera in my hand.  But, I did risk breaking the cardinal rule that there are no toys at the table for these wonderful shots just for you...Enjoy! 
And before I end, I want to say that we now have a 5 year old living in our house that is probably the most happiest boy in our community!
Happy Birthday Dyxon!!!  Your family loves you so much and we are so grateful for having you in our remind us to bring the song out in all of us!!!!  Keep singing sweetheart! 

He is a little tired in these pictures...since we did take them right after he woke up and got dressed.  He was much more interested in the "surprise" in the front room rather than waking up and having breakfast!

Here is a video clip of Dyxon riding his bike...
and yes folks....that's a 16"-er!
I just {LOVE} the little grunt he lets out when he first takes off!

See...just like I said,
The Happiest Boy in our Community!
On Friday, my good friend Sara, let us borrow her children for a playdate here at our house.  The kids had such a great time.  

While some laid train tracks & built cities.
Others competed to design the best artillery.
And then there were those who played with a softer approach. But they were too quick and light on their feet.  Because when I came to take a picture of the girls playing all they had left for me to find was this:
Dolly had said that I had just missed them and that they were all getting ready to sit down for a spot of tea.  She then asked whether I could join her and her striped tiger cub and their other guests while I waited for them to return.  Since I hesitated to answer her, I had secretly hoped to find the girls to have returned to the scene by then, to continue their play but it never happened.  What with so much for them to do, it didn't surprise me that they never came back.  And yet, I politely refused the invitation as I was distracted by a dreadfully sad noise.

That was tragedy calling me out to find this little guy.  Why is it that no true playdate is complete without somebody getting hurt?  This "not so lucky" little guy just had to be the one this time around.  We even captured a tear on his cheek.  I'm not sure but think it may have been a bit crocodilian.  But then again most of them usually are amphibious.  I've always said this little guy has got the best "Boo-Boo" face around. I may just end up having to make a post on only him with a slide show of all his "Boo-Boo" faces.  Wouldn't that be a hoot!?  But that's another story for another day.  And by looking at his face, what Mommy can resist it?  I mean, really?  This one can't.  He is just too darn adorable for this Mommy!
Soon after we got his finger all wrapped up and kissed, he was back "on-the-go" but only after pausing just a moment to capture his battle wound.  And, I think if you look closely, that might just be his tear that has run down his cheek.  Yep, definitely amphibious. 
But that's nothing a popsicle won't fix, right?!  At least that's what I always say.  And what's more fun than sharing one with your friends? 
There now...the more, the merrier!
Oh wait, we wouldn't be complete without mentioning or capturing a moment with this adorable little guy!  I think he must be teething again.
All better!  Thanks Sara!  We all had a blast!
Here are a few Christmas-time shots of the family put into a slide show that I forgot to post (amongst numerous other posts waiting in cue).
After saying the prayer over our peanut butter and jelly sandwiches today, this is the conversation that developed between Dyxon and myself.

Dyxon:  "Mom, why do we have all this food?"
Me:  "Because Dyxon, we have a lot of children in our family."
Dyxon:  "No, we don't."
Me:  "We don't?  So you don't think that 7 children is a lot?"
Dyxon:  "No."
Me:  "Then tell me...what is a lot?"
Dyxon:  "A BILLION!"

Well, he's got me there.
But there is NO WAY we are planning on having A BILLION children, that is for sure!
Absolutely Nothing!

But it has everything to do with what has been going on over here.

Let us begin with where we left off...
Dyxon's Birthday.

That cool lucky little kid was still receiving gifts in the mail...
long after the candles on his cake were blown out.
He's such a corn ball.   Look at him cheesin' it up for the camera. 
He cracks me up!
Guess who will be going as a Pirate for Halloween?
Yep, this guy!

Check him out here doing his
"super cool" slam dunk
with his new birthday basketball hoop!
Lovin' that face!
Watch out Michael Jordan!

As for me...and Chris...
we are completely
Overwhelmed with decluttering...
can't wait for when the refurbishing and decorating steps kick in!

But none the less, we are enjoying the freedom it has been offering us.
Things are more mellow and peaceful without the visual clutter.
Ignore the red basket of large stacking blocks on the stack of chairs (still looking for a place for those), the laundry basket on the shelf, vacuum cleaner that was left out and the panel on the frontdoor.
Just keepin' it real folks!

We could really use some new flooring and a brighter color on the wall
(I'm thinking a green that Land of Nod has would be pretty ~ especially with some black furniture).

I guess that means black paint needs to be put on the list too.  Already have plans to make something like this in black (via Ana White):

Happy Birthday Dyxie Doodles!

Today we celebrated your 4th birthday.
What a wonderful 4 years we have had with you. 
It was so adorable how all day you continued to remind me that you were not yet 4 until we had sung "Happy Birthday" to you.

How cute you were in believing that the song is what signified the change.

And so, we set off to go make your cake.
But not just any cake... a
Chocolate Cherry Jubilee Cake!
mmmmmmm, delicious!
And, when asked what you wanted for your Birthday Dinner...
You chose:
pasta salad and cheese crisps.
Not a bad combination, if you ask me.
Leave it to you to be so creative!
Happy Birthday Dixie Doodle Dandy!
We love you!
For all of you who know Dyxon...he is a tuff lil' guy!  But that is an understatement compared to what that boy went through these past few days. 

On Sunday evening, the evening we were to go to my sister's for Thanksgiving (you can read more here why we couldn't go), Dyxon was spinning with his stuffed puppy, fell and hit his left eye on the train table leaving a nice 1/2" laceration.  Well, it didn't bleed much but because it was so close to the eye we took him in to Urgent Care to check it and make sure he was ok.

Everything was ok.  He vision was not affected and he did not need stitches.  Apparently his Mommy (that's me) is getting pretty darn good at applying butterfly bandages.  They cleaned it and applied tape which should fall off in about 1-2 weeks.

But that's not all....just yesterday him and Dyson were playing in the bathroom.  Yes, I know what your thinking...'that's the most dangerous place to play'.  Well, I would have to agree with you on that one.  The thing is, I had no idea they were in there.  You see...they were in "stealth" mode.

It wasn't until I heard a huge low sounding bang and then a shattering crash that I sprung from where I was and sprinted into the main bathroom where when I opened the door I was greeted with screams of terror and a short wave of broken glass cascading out the doorway spilling into the hallway.

If you haven't guessed already...the huge 70's style mirror that practically covered the entire West wall of the bathroom fell and crashed into various sized shards of glass.
An After Picture of the Missing Bathroom Mirror
As I frantically looked around I found Dyson safely positioned in the bathtub yet screaming wildly in fear and Dyxon located behind the door standing in a pile of broken glass dripping with blood from various parts of his body.

Once I located the cuts by cleaning off all the blood, I had assessed that the damage was not as bad as I had first feared...even though a cut on the inside of his lip bled SO MUCH that it had me worried that he had cut him self WORSE somewhere inside his mouth!

He only had a few cuts and only 1 was worth determining if it needed stitches... which was on his foot.  This was only because of the location that it seemed to keep popping open from his movement.  But, it did not continue to bleed...which was good.

He had a bump on his forehead (left side near the hairline) where it appears that the HUGE mirror struck him, leaving a couple cuts before cascading into a million pieces.  A slice above and inside his upper lip.  A tiny stab-like puncture and small nick on his chest where the glass penetrated through his shirt.  And the ominous slice on his left foot.

So that now all is said in done...I fear my baby boy looks like he has been through a battle field....yet is still happy as ever (except for when it comes time to clean and bandage his foot).
Tuff Guy is an Understatment
Me and the 2 little ones have been haunted by this sight for the last few days.  Well, actually it's been a waste basket at the least full of snot rags per day (note my description of used tissue here). Nobody likes the sniffles but in my opinion this has gone on too long! 

I cannot remember the last time I was feeling under the weather let alone having 2 of my little ones not feeling well right along side me.  Come to think of it...I don't believe that's ever occured.  I just don't usually get sick! 

And any one who knows me, knows I HATE getting sick and that I have a difficult time in dealing with those who are.  So you can just only imagine how much patience I have had in dealing with my daily duties around the house and with the kiddos with not feeling well.

But then...enters my hero!
Chris was so generous and sweet that he let me sleep for a few hours without interruption.  And to top it off...I awoke to a clean house!  Floors were mopped, dishes were done & the main bathroom was clean.

But that's not all.  You see, he had already worked a full day, then came home took care of me, all 6 kiddos, cleaned the house plus made it to his business meeting that night...oh, & did I mention he made sure to stop by the store on his way home to grab me some gatorade?  Well, he did.

I cannot be more blessed than to have a man like him!  I love you hunny!

The Primary put on a wonderful program this past Sunday.   Everyone was a bit concerned whether or not it would be pulled off well since the recent changes our Stake underwent with going from 9 Wards to 5.  Part of the reason why we didn't send out invitations to family/friends this year...just unprepared & without enough time.

We ended up having 3 of our 6 children in the Primary Program this year.  Dyson is in Sunbeams (his last year), Dagyn is in CTR 5-6 (her last year), & Devyn is in Valiant 9-10 (his last year).  All three of them did such a wonderful job.  Dyson had a bit of stage fright when it came to saying his lines but he did an excellent job at his favorite song..."I am a builder, working at home to build my family.  And I will do the best that I can to serve my family!"  I'm holding them all to that!

Throughout the program, Dyxon kept wanting to go up to sit with Dyson.  I'm thinking to help him out & to show him it's not so bad/scary!

On a side note:  The Primary had their Activity Day the day prior which included a practice for the program, treats & a game.  The kids had a ton of fun!  They played this fun balloon game where you tie a small balloon to your shoe/ankle and run around trying to pop someone else's balloon by stepping on it.  Our kids just decided it was just as much fun to run around twirling theirs in their hands.
Next year we will have 4 in Primary (Dyxon will be joining them in Sunbeams next year).  We cannot wait for next year's Primary Program!  Hope to see you all there next year!...granted we don't undergo any more changes. ;)
I am a little late in getting this posted but better late than never, right?

I know I'm a little biased in the matter... But isn't he the cutest & happiest baby ever?!
Just shy of 5mos
We are so blessed to have this little doodle bug in our lives.  He is such the farmer boy around here.  Grandma Carol often says he looks and acts like his great-grandpa Billy, a farm boy too.  His appetite is NeVeR satisfied and he is always up to mischief.  Yep.  And you could say he holds his own around here despite the fact that he is the youngest of four brothers.

He is very protective and always looks out for his baby sister (as well as his big sister, who he adores) and can often be found holding Denym's hand guiding her back to his Daddy and me.  He is such the gentleman.

He is ever-loving and has a heart of gold.  One could not deny that he loves his Heavenly Father, Jesus and family.  He often volunteers for the family prayer around here.  In fact, even when it isn't his turn you will often hear his faint echo of those who are giving the prayer.

He is a great climber too and enjoys spending time with his Daddy.  Daddy is very proud!  Since he has a love for food, he also enjoys being in the kitchen, just like his Daddy.  I believe when his siblings are all grown & gone, he'll be the one staying home to help out around here.  His Daddy & I would love that.

Just take a look at what we mean when we say he is "The Cutest lil' Doodle Bug!"
Filling his Daddy's Shoes
Filling his Daddy's [Hard] Hat.
He actually wanted to change his baby sister.
Did I mention he LoVeS to eat?
Big Helper
When Doodlebug was little he would allow us to put him down for naps or bedtime without any fuss as long as he had his 3 B's.
What are the 3 B's you ask? 
and Baba
Dyxie & his star blanky
An accomplishment Dyxon acheived prior to turning 3 was becoming potty-trained.
He then decided that he must help his little baby sister with her potty-training.  Here he is reading a story to his baby sister while she sits on the potty seat.  I had come into the room when he was helping her take off her diaper & announced he was helping Denym go potty.  Way to go BIG GUY!!!
A little 'birthday cake' conversation.
Me:  What kind of birthday cake do you want Dyxie?  Rainbow sprinkles..., Chocolate..., Vanilla...?

Dyxon:  Vanilla.

Me:  Do you want sprinkles on it?

Dyxon:  yes.

Me:  Do you know what vanilla is?

Dyxon:  no.

Me:  It's a white cake with white frosting (I am presuming here that he wants the vanilla frosting too)  Are you sure you want a vanilla cake?

Dyxon:  I want chocolate, chocolate, chocolate cake.

Me:  Ok?...Does that mean you want chocolate chip, chocolate cake with chocolate frosting?

Dyxon:  yes.

Me:  Do you still want sprinkles?

Dyxon:  yes.

Me:  Rainbow?

Dyxon:  yes, with cuppycakes.

Me (thinking):  phfew...glad that's over on to the EASY part:  Baking.
Puttin' on the sprinkles while donning the birthday sombrero
Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you...
Happy 3rd Birthday BiG GuY!!!! 
Here's to another year of mushy kisses, mischief & messy faces!
I've included a little slide show of some of Dyxon's highlights over the past 3 years...Enjoy!