Here are a few Christmas-time shots of the family put into a slide show that I forgot to post (amongst numerous other posts waiting in cue).

Based upon the lack of posting one might think that we've fallin off the edge of the earth.  Not so.  Although, that doesn't mean that there hasn't been any falling going on around here.

This past weekend, I fell into this (except it was completely empty):
You see, early in the morning a couple Saturdays ago, Chris (with the help of Devyn) had set out to finish draining the pool and fill it with fresh sparkling clean water while I was in hopes to catch a few extra zzz's and sleep in. 

Denym was quick to interrupt that idea for me. 

Since she woke up earlier than expected, I managed to dress her in a 1/2 dazed slumber and brought her outside for the 2 guys to watch her while I re-entered the house to make a quick breakfast of a toasted frozen waffle and a sippy-cup filled with milk. 

Upon my return...(I was wearing flip-its, mind you) I took 1, then 2 steps into the then empty pool and slipped, bouncing off of my tail-bone from the second step, then falling onto both knees at the bottom of the pool and 'not so softly' landing on my right shoulder.  Granted, I was very bruised up and became stiff and sore for the entire week (Still dealing with sore knees ~ so much for kneeling at prayer) but all is well with me and baby.

Oh, and I would be short to not include that with the fall my immune system became compromised and my allergies flared up!  Now all week I have been toting around my little apothecary basket filled with benadryl, chili pepper nasal spray, allergy eye drops, tissues, an albuterol inhaler & lip medex for the 5 (yes, 5!) cold sores I have developed.

Although such a thing might have brought me down, I have managed to survive yet another trial.  Even though I would much rather be outside right now playing at the park with the kids!

More to be posted later about our New Garden we had set up that afternoon on the day of the fall....or not!?
Me and the 2 little ones have been haunted by this sight for the last few days.  Well, actually it's been a waste basket at the least full of snot rags per day (note my description of used tissue here). Nobody likes the sniffles but in my opinion this has gone on too long! 

I cannot remember the last time I was feeling under the weather let alone having 2 of my little ones not feeling well right along side me.  Come to think of it...I don't believe that's ever occured.  I just don't usually get sick! 

And any one who knows me, knows I HATE getting sick and that I have a difficult time in dealing with those who are.  So you can just only imagine how much patience I have had in dealing with my daily duties around the house and with the kiddos with not feeling well.

But then...enters my hero!
Chris was so generous and sweet that he let me sleep for a few hours without interruption.  And to top it off...I awoke to a clean house!  Floors were mopped, dishes were done & the main bathroom was clean.

But that's not all.  You see, he had already worked a full day, then came home took care of me, all 6 kiddos, cleaned the house plus made it to his business meeting that night...oh, & did I mention he made sure to stop by the store on his way home to grab me some gatorade?  Well, he did.

I cannot be more blessed than to have a man like him!  I love you hunny!

"Bad Boys, Bad Boys, Whatcha you gunna do?  Whatcha gunna do when they come for you?..."

You all know the song & if you now have that song stuck in your head...You can blame me for that.

Well, this past Wednesday we found out what happens to those who are not so nice...The Good Guys come for them...and this is their story...well atleast one of them...our Uncle Clyde.

Who is Uncle Clyde you maybe asking yourself?  Well, he is none other than the COOLEST Sergeant at the Apache Junction Police Department!
See...I told you!
And he likes us SOOOOOO much that he gave us a personalized tour.
Clyde is very impressed that Devyn aspires to become a police officer someday...and introducing him as such, Devyn was quickly given advice by a fellow officer to become a fireman...jokingly he said, "everybody loves firemen".   Call us biased, but we have a special love for the men in blue.  I mean, come on...besides the fact that they all love donuts...who wouldn't love those who serve & protect us!?! 
What's that?  No Donuts?!  Dyxon is going to be upset!
Because I LOOOOVE CSI...Forensics was my favorite part of the tour.  Here we met the resident Forensic Scientist and discussed the different jobs they perform plus we got to see a dismantled atm that was brought in for fingerprinting...pretty cool stuff.
Now you don't want to go venturing into this area w/o a key.  We found out that you get absolutely no privacy when stuck in a jail cell.  The toilet is in plain view of the 4 bunks that are stuffed within these small top it off... there is a camera watching your every move!
And if you are REALLY get strapped into this wheeled chair.  The hard part, we were told, is getting the "bad guys" into it!  They don't go quietly or without a fight!  But, once they are in there, they can easily be wheeled (transported) around to places like the court room.
The K9 Unit w/o the K9.  We found that the K9 was locked inside an office for safe keeping.  OUR Safe Keeping!
K9 Unit
and the K9...LOOSE in the office!!!
That's one door we won't be venturing through...
But, the door that leads to the yard was full of fun stuff!
you can't see them but the lights were flashing on the patrol car
And then...right up Devyn's alley.... (because they are just as [crazy] as he is) were the Special Weapons And Tactics (aka: SWAT) vehicles.
SWAT truck...Very cool!
Special Assignments Unit...Totally Awesome!
After viewing the motorcycles, Devyn decided he did not want to be a Motorcycle cop anymore based upon ALL of the buttons on it.  I think he was a bit overwhelmed.  And then to top it off, while I was busy trying to take pictures, Uncle Clyde turned on the siren...scared the tar out of me.  Yes, I screamed!  Hey, you would have was LOUD!!!
Training (Left) & Official (Right) Police Motorcyles
Bike cage
And what tour of police vehicles would be complete without the "paddy wagon".  Denym climbed right up inside...silly girl.
For those of you that even think you could even steal the entry code to any secured area...think again!  Devyn tries to copy the code he witnessed being punched in...but to no avail.  The #s change every time it is used...HA!
What!?!  You were caught trying to break in to a secured area?  Great, now you must go through interogation. Busted, Devyn!  I told you to not go messin' around with that keypad.
Now Devyn, you must get your fingerprints done.  Hold still & relax your hand.  This is NOT going to look good on your record.  Unless of course this was intended all along to obtain your Cub Scout Bear Achievement Award for "Law Enforcement Is a Big Job"...which it was.  No worries Gma's & Gpa's.
I think Dyxon is STILL wondering where they keep the donuts...
And that concludes our tour of the Apache Junction Police Dept.
A lot has happend over this past month... for instance, Dagyn's birthay celebration.  

Since Dagyn got a 'newly refurbised' bike for her birthday, we decided to celebrate by taking a bike ride to the nearby park (or should I say, water retention area).  Chris had painted Devyn's old bike purple, added some bells & whistles (well a bell, a basket & some streamers) & I drew some silver pin-stripping decals on it ~ she loved it! 

Devyn, unfortunately, wasn't home to join us (he was at football practice) when we got the spur-of-the-moment idea to go.  Even without all of us there we still managed to have a great time.

Chris left me with the 2 little ones while Dylan, Dagyn & Dyson followed along with him to Mickey D's for some burgers & fries.
During that time Dyxon, Denym & I enjoyed playing 'chase down the mountain' (running down the slope/hill), hide-n-go-seek behind the trees (well actually, Denym just curiously watched Dyxon & I) & catch with the soccer ball that we brought along with us. 
Afterwards, when Chris & the others got back & we had eaten...we all played a very short game of (one-base) kick ball.  I think everyone ended up just kicking the ball 1 time.  If Devyn was there, I know we would have had to drag him away from playing all into the night... Even if he had just finished practicing football for 2 hours.

The kids also enjoyed playing in the trees & running around while Chris & I got to chat for a moment or 2 in between all the action.

We all knew it was time to pack up and head home when Denym spotted the moon.  Good night moon.
(more to come...)

I thought this was interesting poll regarding what the primary reason most Christian parents send their children to secular public schools instead of private or home schooling.  I found it in an article:  Christians called to mass exodus from public schools.


Having 6 children, more than 1/2 of them under 5, there was NO way we were going to be able to make it to Midnight.  So, we decided to celebrate Mormon Style with sparkling apple juice & a countdown at 10pm (and that was stretching it).  Towards the end, I wasn't quite sure if I was going to make it either.  We may be shooting for 9pm for 2010's celebration.

As you will notice there are no pictures of Devyn.  That is because he was not there.  He was spending time with his dad, Wayne this year. 

I was there however.  I am in the last picture (well, my hand is).  I was taking the pictures of our family's event so you will only get a glimpse of me.



A couple of books we are currently reading...

This book is being read by only me (thanks to my friend, Julie!).  I couldn't put down the first book, Twilight.  I decided to buy the book to read after I went to see the movie with a few friends of mine...Julie Klunt, Jill Eubanks & Sharla Carpenter.

I have to admit...I have NEVER wanted to read a book after I had seen the movie.  But, something grabbed me with this one.  Curiousity might have got the cat...but in this case for me it was the 'vampires'.

I love a good suspense thriller...this also had the drama/love story behind it.  Or was it the other way around???

Any hoo, so now I am reading the 2nd of the 4 books, New Moon by Stephenie Meyer.   Cannot wait for the next one!

The Christmas Sweater, what a good book so far.  Chris is almost done reading it.  I suppose if we had more time on our hands we both would have read it in an afternoon.  Yes, it is that good and pretty easy to read.

We have both decided to read it to our children this year to hopefully instill a valuable lesson.  Reading this may become another Christmas holiday tradition with our family.