My Friend Shiloah Baker of Homemaking Cottage is having a contest to give away a copy of this new book, Raising Real Men.
Those of you with sons do NOT want to miss out on this! 

As a mom to 6 children (4 of them being boys) I am always curious to see how families (more specifically mom's) raise their sons...especially since I primarily grew up in a household of ONLY girls (no dad, no brothers).

This book has not yet been released to the public.  But, you can preorder a copy if you don't win.  Click on the picture of the book cover for a link to the authors' website or here for my friend's blog post on this book & enter to win.


A couple of books we are currently reading...

This book is being read by only me (thanks to my friend, Julie!).  I couldn't put down the first book, Twilight.  I decided to buy the book to read after I went to see the movie with a few friends of mine...Julie Klunt, Jill Eubanks & Sharla Carpenter.

I have to admit...I have NEVER wanted to read a book after I had seen the movie.  But, something grabbed me with this one.  Curiousity might have got the cat...but in this case for me it was the 'vampires'.

I love a good suspense thriller...this also had the drama/love story behind it.  Or was it the other way around???

Any hoo, so now I am reading the 2nd of the 4 books, New Moon by Stephenie Meyer.   Cannot wait for the next one!

The Christmas Sweater, what a good book so far.  Chris is almost done reading it.  I suppose if we had more time on our hands we both would have read it in an afternoon.  Yes, it is that good and pretty easy to read.

We have both decided to read it to our children this year to hopefully instill a valuable lesson.  Reading this may become another Christmas holiday tradition with our family.