In our case it's Lucky #7.  But if you remember the phone company commercial, you know we are having a boy {if you hadn't already guessed by the ultrasound photo above}!

I am writing this post to get some feedback from you readers to see what your thoughts are on our decision on a name for this young chap.

Thus far all of our children have "D" names {names that begin with the letter D} with a "y" in them...and it just so happend {by fate alone} that they all ended up with 5 letters.

So here is the delimma:
We had a name originally picked out for whether it was a girl or boy {Dynae}... but it just so happens that we were all SO set on having another girl the name seems {to us} like it would just fit a girl better than a boy.  So, with that being said...Chris came up with another great choice of {Destyn}, like 'destined for greatness', he said.
We all loved it...but we are still finding ourselves referring to this little guy as Dynae and it seems like it is difficult to switch to Destyn mid-stream.

So what now?

Do we keep the original name:  Dynae Hewitt?

Or keep plugging away at Destyn Hewitt til it sticks?

What are your thoughts?
{We're confused}

Let us know by leaving a comment below...
02/04/2010 6:56pm

I always believe that when you know the right name it will harmonize with you.
I know when I was pregnant with our last baby we thought we'd name her Mikayla but every time I called her that it felt odd. Like when you meet some one and you sorta forget their name but you think it was Jennifer so you call her Jennifer and she politely says her name is Jessica.
When we did look at some other names and then chose one, I called her that and it was just like the feeling you get when you finally find the square hole after you've been trying to put the square block in the circle hole or the triangle hole. (you know on the kid toys.)
All that to say ~ trust your feelings.

02/04/2010 7:14pm

I like both

Amy & Teal
02/04/2010 9:06pm

Decisions, decisions! All your other d names are so good, that is a hard one! both are good...here is what we could come up with under such stipulations :)
daxyn like jackson but d

yeah now just getting silly! that is hard! good luck, whatever his name be, he will be wonderful in a wonderful family

carrie elizabeth walker
02/04/2010 9:33pm

Definately Destyn (Dynae sounds girly- how do you say it for a boy Dwayne?) No matter what he will be another beautiful baby!

02/04/2010 10:28pm

Thanks everyone!
Your suggestions & advice are all so uplifting and encouraging.
We will bring up the added suggestions to the table when we have our next Family Meeting. Hopefully then we can come to an agreement of sorts.
Or perhaps...his name will just come to us and "just fit".
Either way...keep those thoughts coming if you haven't posted your comment yet.
We love to hear the ideas and thoughts on this one.
Thanks again everyone!


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