Me and the 2 little ones have been haunted by this sight for the last few days.  Well, actually it's been a waste basket at the least full of snot rags per day (note my description of used tissue here). Nobody likes the sniffles but in my opinion this has gone on too long! 

I cannot remember the last time I was feeling under the weather let alone having 2 of my little ones not feeling well right along side me.  Come to think of it...I don't believe that's ever occured.  I just don't usually get sick! 

And any one who knows me, knows I HATE getting sick and that I have a difficult time in dealing with those who are.  So you can just only imagine how much patience I have had in dealing with my daily duties around the house and with the kiddos with not feeling well.

But then...enters my hero!
Chris was so generous and sweet that he let me sleep for a few hours without interruption.  And to top it off...I awoke to a clean house!  Floors were mopped, dishes were done & the main bathroom was clean.

But that's not all.  You see, he had already worked a full day, then came home took care of me, all 6 kiddos, cleaned the house plus made it to his business meeting that night...oh, & did I mention he made sure to stop by the store on his way home to grab me some gatorade?  Well, he did.

I cannot be more blessed than to have a man like him!  I love you hunny!

I'm not sure about the rest of you but I am really anticipating eating Thanksgiving turkey.  Not just the trimmin's but TURKEY.  I must be needing the protein or something.
Instead of having sugar plums dancing in my head...I've got turkey breasts, turkey legs, turkey sandwiches, turkey tacos & even turkey casserole parading past my eyes. 
Anyone else out there having the same dreams?
Perhaps it's the fact that we are planning on attending 2 Thanksgiving dinners this coming week.  Or perhaps it's the fact that turkey is where it's at baby.  
(My hubby, Chris would disagree with me right about now...he is salivating for some of my sister's ham...she cooks a Mean Ham!)
So fire up your grill, warm up your oven, throw some coals in your pit or heat up some oil...We're havin' Turkey tonight!
...or atleast sometime this week.  :)
Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!
Look Me in the Eye: My Life with Asperger's
I just finished the above book & was thrilled to be able to have got a sneak peak into the eyes, ears & mind of an adult who dealt with & grew up having Asperger's Syndrome like my 16 year old son, Dylan.
What is amazing is that the author, John Elder Robison adapted himself without having a clue to his disability since his diagnosis didn't come until he was in his 40s.

Through the author's experiences within this book, I have gained a better perspective to how my own son views his world and how others (including myself) have interpreted him & his actions ~ which are nearly never positive.  In doing so, it has allowed me opportunities of acceptance & understanding to his sometimes upsidedown, backwards & yet strangely straight forward reasoning.

If you are wanting to know more about Asperger's Syndrome (or Dylan for that matter) this is a interesting as well as entertaining read.

I am now looking for a book the author read called "Thinking in Pictures" by Temple Grandin that sounds interesting.
Temple Grandin herself is an Apergian not to mention a very intriguing woman.
Thinking In Pictures: and Other Reports from My Life with Autism