Happy Birthday Dylan

I cannot believe that I have a 17 year old (as of Aug 28th).  How did that happen?  I mean, really?!  When did I become the mother to a 17 year old?  I still feel like I'm 20.  Well, maybe not that young.  But still...!
I'm not sure what you are thinking...but I'm thinking that this came WAY too fast for me.

Yet, at any rate...we celebrated Dylan's 17th Birthday this past week and he had such a fantastic time.
It began by him receiving a mountain bike in the mail. 
Well, not exactly the style he was hoping for....
{which is a "pink" BMX with white tires}. 
well, not exactly like this... although I think he would really like this one too!

So he awaits for his mom (that's me) to get it together and send the bike back so that his BMX can get ordered.  Sorry, not so certain it is going to be pink though.  We shall see.

In my defense...I'm not really Wonder Woman {which I totally have my husband convinced of... although I cannot fathom why}
 I will get it done amongst all the diaper changes & feedings of Dylan's infant brother, potty training of his little sister, homeschooling of his youngest 5 siblings, laundry, oh and decluttering, purging and cleaning of the house...oh, and did I mention dinner...something I know Dylan enjoys greatly....I will get to it then.  Right after I do all of that.
Reserved especially for his BMX that he so patiently awaits
Moving on...
Next came the most coveted item on his birthday wish list....

Way to go, Dylan!
Now for some cool tunes to listen to.
How bout a bit of the BeeGee's?
stayin' alive, stayin' alive...
What?....No?...Are you sure?
Well then how about some GnR?
Ooooo ok, a bit more towards your taste...?
Ha ha...

Add a little bit of the Gospel (scripture set for Seminary) to that...
soooo serious
Add a cool new "Animal" hat
and you got One Cool Happy Birthday Boy...

alright, alright...
One Cool Happy Birthday Guy!
Happy Birthay Dylan...
Your Family Loves You!