UPDATE:  Because of a change in our Stake (we have been switched or added to a new Stake in our area) the Wards are now scheduling baptisms on the Stake Baptism day.  That means we had to change things yet again...  So those who are wondering, Dagyn's new date for her Baptism is on October 15th!  Hope everyone who planned to be there can still make it...MORE DETAILS TO FOLLOW.
The time has come said the walrus...ku ku ka choo!

DAGYN is turning 8
at the end of August
and you know what that means....

Unfortunately we will be at the Walker Family Reunion during our Ward Baptismal day in August.  Sooooooo, that means we will be waiting until the end of September before she takes the plunge!

So, to all you friends and family out there in blogland....

(more details to follow)
For those of you who do not know, Dagyn this past year, attended a Mom's School (Future Christian Homemakers~or more commonly known in our home as: FCH) wherein she was inspired of many great things. 
Things such as:
  • sewing
  • cooking/baking
  • embroidering
  • good manners
  • paper doll art
...just to name a few.     
This is one of Dagyn's projects from class (embroidering for a decrotive pillow)
But the GREATEST thing was her teacher,
Carri Mason
(or Sister Mason, as Dagyn most commonly referred to her as)
Sister Mason was an inspiration to Dagyn.  She brought out such a greater quality in her (I say "greater" since we all know that Dagyn is already amazing!) 
                        And let me tell you what!
We are all benefiting from it here in our home.  And we are so grateful for that!  Thank you Sister Mason!

Speaking of benefits...
Not too long ago, we were blessed with Dagyn creating her own special recipe for our breakfast toast.  This, I am told was inspired from a recipe she was taught in her class.  She made us a chocolate pumpkin butter (the pumpkin butter was a recipe she learned in her class).
It was delicious to say the least!
Finished embroidering project (Decorative Pillow)


Since this class, Dagyn has been inspired to continue her love in the lost arts.  In fact, this school year she is taking a sewing class.  And I have a little surprise up my sleeve for her to use in her class that she will be getting for her birthday.  I can hardly stand the wait!!!  Here's a little sneak peek for those of you who can't wait either....
something for her to make....and something for her to keep it in
Our New House (rainbow in background)
Yep, that's right...we moved on ya.  But what a great move it has been. 

We have gone from a single story 3bd 1 & 3/4ba to a 2 story 5bd 3.5ba.  And we have more than double the square footage!!!

Couple sacrifices we had to make though were: 
  1. no more pool (which is actually a blessing in disguise since there is no more maintenance & costs involved ~ also we have the benefit of the community pool which is much BIGGER!)
  2. square footage of our backyard (which is also a blessing in disguise since there is less maintenance as well ~ also we have the benefit of 2 playground structures within walking distance - 1 that is 3 stories HIGH!)

The kids love it!  They all have good sized rooms (nobody lost any space) with an added plus of walk-in closets in each bedroom and they also have a large sized loft for their Playroom/Schoolroom.  Dylan scored BIG-TIME with his own Master Suite...that's right, the house came with 2 Master Suites (one slightly smaller than the other with a much smaller bathroom - yet unsurprisingly enough, it is still bigger than our Master bedroom & bath in our old house). 

Oh, and don't even get me started on the fun times that have already been gained from the stairwell...
sorry for the blurry image ~ cell phone
Yep, there is Devyn tucked into a sleeping bag getting ready to descend the stairs with the peanut gallery observing from above....good times, good times!
As soon as we get more settled, I will post more pictures of our home.  Glad you stopped by!