Happy 3rd Birthday to our little blue-eyed angel!
We love you!
Well, not exactly.  But when you have a family that has most of its birthdays in May, you are bound and determined to have enough sweet stuff (birthday cake/ice cream/cuppycakes) to last you until December.
Just within our immediate family, there are 3 birthdays:
  • Chris ~ May 1st
  • Dyson ~ May 11th
  • Denym ~ May 21st
Then there is the extended family's birthdays:
  • Dylan (nephew) ~ May 14th
  • Macie (niece) ~ May 18th
  • Carol (Chris' mom) ~ May 19th
  • Derrick (nephew) ~ May 20th
  • Dawn (Chris' sister) ~ May 23rd
  • Janett (aunt) ~ May 28th
That's a whole lot of cake in one month!

My sister-in-law (mother of 3 of these May babies), says to keep your clothes on in August!  It's a fertile month!

Happy birthday May babies!!!

Mother, Tell Me the Story

Mother, tell me the story that I love to hear.
Tell me of heaven and why I came here.
Mother, tell how you love me, and gently speak,
And then I’ll go to sleep.

Child, I am here.
Can you feel that heaven is near?
Sleep, sleep; a lovewatch I’ll keep
To protect you through the night.

Mother, tell me of Jesus and how he is near.
Tell how he loves me, and I will not fear.
Mother, tell how his Spirit brings comfort and peace,
And then I’ll go to sleep.

Child, he is there.
In his love you never need fear.
Sleep, sleep; a lovewatch he’ll keep
To protect you through the night.

I hope every Mom, Mommy, Mother & Mum out there had a fantastic day yesterday!!!!

Gifts in All Sizes

Mothers Day was definitely a wonderful day for me.
NO kids were fussing at ALL!
As every mom knows...that alone makes for a wonderful Mothers Day.  :)

I awoke to a ton of hugs and kisses and was surprised with my one, yet spectacular gift surrounded by handmade cards & crafted flowers, of a Kitchen Aid Mixer...not just any mixer though.  This was the Professional 550 HD.  I had been wanting one of these for every birthday, Christmas and Mothers Day since Chris and I had been married.  You can imagine my surprise to see it when I opened it up. 

WOW!!!  Homemade bread making here I come!!!

I can just smell the sweet goodness baking in my oven as I type!

Again...happy, happy Mothers Day to every Mom, Mommy, Mother & Mum out there! (especially mine!).