Origin: We Talk of Christ, We Rejoice in Christ
Don't they look delicious!?

I have ALWAYS wanted to do this with the kids.  Unfortunately, I have only remembered to do it after Easter is said and done.  This year however, I plan on making them ahead of time.

This is a great object lesson in teaching

The Resurrection of Christ.

The rolls represent the tomb.
The marshmallows represent Christ. 

While baking, the marshmallow melts leaving an empty roll. 

This is a fantastic way for children to experience The Resurrection and in only about 13 minutes instead of 3 days.
For those of you who asked...Here is the recipe for Ravioli Ratatouille.
First go gather your ingredients.


    1 package frozen cheese ravioli
    a variety of chopped veggies
        we used:
            1 each yellow, red & green bell peppers,
            2 zucchini,
            2 yellow squash,
            1 red onion
            (we couldn't find any eggplant but that would have been tasty too)
    2 jars of medium sized artichoke hearts cut into 1/4 pieces
    1 can of olives
    2 cans of diced tomatoes (Italian)
    Olive Oil

This fed a family of 9 - with leftovers.  If you have a smaller family you may want to 1/2 this recipe.  And really, you can't go wrong with Ratatouille....it's an Italian golash of sorts.  I would think that anything "Italian" goes!  So don't hold back.

Oh, and before I forget....we added two pinches each of:
    dried oregano
    dried basil
    dried parsley
Just so you know...if we can't find fresh we will get our spices/herbs from the Mexican Food aisle at the super market.


Casserole Dish      \
Since our batch was rather large we cooked this recipe in a large dish that we have dubbed our "lasagna dish".  But, if you are cutting this recipe, a 9x12 should do fine.  Remember, just have fun with it.  It's slop for goodness sake...a VERY yummy form of slop.  But, slop none the less.

This recipe is mainly cooked in a skillet.  So, go grab that too.  We do recommend using cast iron....once you get the hang of seasoning (which is rather quite easy despite the myths) it makes a GREAT non-stick skillet!  Plus it is much more healthier than Teflon (don't EVEN get me started on that). 

Ok, without further ado...let's get started!