I bet you are all chomping at the bit wondering..., "What the Earth are they going to name their baby boy?"

Keeping in mind that there is certain criteria in coming up with the {perfect} name for a baby in this family {i.e. starts with a "D", has a "y" in it and if to match the other children's names...it probably should be only 5 letters}, we took the advice from a few wonderful friends:

 Thanks Rachel for reminding us to trust our feelings and that we would know the right name by it harmonizing with us. 

And to Amy &Teal for taking the challenge into their own hands and suggesting some "new" names we hadn't even considered!

...If it wasn't for them, I just know we would still be in a pickle.  And I did NOT want to be "that mom" who hadn't a clue what her baby's name was even after he was born.  You see, I like to personalize the whole experience for "all" of us by referring to my children {as early as in the womb} by their first names.  I'm not alone on that, I hope...?

Okay, Okay...on with the name already...I know you want to know...
So here it is...
Our new addition to our family will be known as:

Daxyn Hewitt Greevers
(as the Warthen's put it:  like Jackson with a D}

You see, it just harmonizes with us!
And Chris is super excited that he can refer to him as "Dax"!

There you go...Now you know.
In our case it's Lucky #7.  But if you remember the phone company commercial, you know we are having a boy {if you hadn't already guessed by the ultrasound photo above}!

I am writing this post to get some feedback from you readers to see what your thoughts are on our decision on a name for this young chap.

Thus far all of our children have "D" names {names that begin with the letter D} with a "y" in them...and it just so happend {by fate alone} that they all ended up with 5 letters.

So here is the delimma:
We had a name originally picked out for whether it was a girl or boy {Dynae}... but it just so happens that we were all SO set on having another girl the name seems {to us} like it would just fit a girl better than a boy.  So, with that being said...Chris came up with another great choice of {Destyn}, like 'destined for greatness', he said.
We all loved it...but we are still finding ourselves referring to this little guy as Dynae and it seems like it is difficult to switch to Destyn mid-stream.

So what now?

Do we keep the original name:  Dynae Hewitt?

Or keep plugging away at Destyn Hewitt til it sticks?

What are your thoughts?
{We're confused}

Let us know by leaving a comment below...
for those of you who were patiently awaiting this post...
sorry for the delay!

This is a must for Mexican Food and Soup Lovers alike!
Pozole Verde!

I originally came across this recipe over at: At Home in Mexico
Angie, over there does this recipe much more justice than I can.  That is why I give you her link to the original recipe.

I warn you:
She cooks like me w/o exact measurements so don't be alarmed...you can manage well with this one...it is pretty "no-fail".

The only adaptations we made were:
 substituting the whole chicken with a few chicken breasts
(which we DO NOT recommend doing ~ it skimps on flavor)
as well a few toppings
(which in our opinion is just extra any way).

Here is our end result:  PASS!
Even our daughter, our Resident Soup Connoisseur
(as we like to put it nicely),
She even had a 2nd helping!
Yeah, that says A LOT for this recipe!!!

It's got a hearty, tangy, spicy flavor to it....Yummy!
You're going to love it!

So...what are you waiting for?  Don't take my word for it...
Head on over to Angie's blog and whip some up tonight for yourself!
A week ago today, Dagyn {age 6} lost her first tooth!!! 
We were all so excited for her and even more excited to what the Tooth Fairy would have in store for her that night.
Well, little did we know that if you pull your tooth out a day early...the Tooth Fairy doesn't show up! 


I know, we were shocked too!  Supposedly, the Tooth Fairy keeps such a strict agenda and is VERY BUSY so she doesn't have room for adjustments to her schedule.  So, a word to the wise:  if you pull a tooth out early...expect delays.
{Apparently, Dad's know this sort of stuff ~ that's all I'm going to write on the subject}.

Too make up for her absence, the Tooth Fairy left a note apologizing for the mix-up.  Plus she left a nice Tooth Pillow for follow-up visits in addition to a shiny silver dollar tucked into the pocket.
The following note reads:
January 28, 2010

Dear Dagyn,

Sorry about the other night.
Keep brushing your teeth.
I'll be back for more.
Make sure to put them in
the "tooth pillow" I left for

The Tooth Fairy
Last Friday we decided to take a "Snow Day" and head up to the mountains with the Deputies.  We even withdrew Dylan from school for 1/2 the day.  He was super excited...as were all the other kiddos!
Chris had been monitoring the weather all week prior and was chomping at the bit to get OuTsiDe!!!

 The webcam we had been monitoring was reporting over 4 FEET of snow!  So, we packed up the kids and headed up to The Rim. 

This was Denym & Dyxon's first time in the snow.  And, with Dyson being just a baby his first time, it was so fun watching these 3 Deptuties venture out into the wintery white playground!
All the boys set out to complete a {Snow Tunnel} and {Snow Fort} with the help of Dad.
Dyxon did his best at making a {Snow Angel}.  It was so hilarious!  He just couldn't keep from laughing & giggling at himself.
Although there were some serious moments...or perhaps he's just deeeeeeep in thought.  I suppose being a young man surrounded by a bunch of wild & 1/2 crazed monkeys in the snow can make a person stand back and just watch in a puzzled wonderment.
I managed to capture a smile on Dagyn's face right before she "froze to death".  She has her mommy's thin blood and gets cold easily.

Oh, & btw...
She recently lost her first tooth last week.  We'll have to post seperately on that as she is so impressed with what the Tooth Fairy brought her.
Did we mention...the snow tastes GOOOOooood!
And what little brother wouldn't jump at the opportunity to throw a HUGE snow ball at his BIG brother?
I believe these 3 Amigos might have had the most fun of all.  That based upon the fact that they were the last ones to round up when it was time to leave.
Then again...it could have been this BIG KiD.
Although, I believe that could have just been a rare case of Mountain Sickness {I hear the high altitude can cause that in men who don't get outside enough}.

And of course we couldn't leave without mounting the traditional "Snowman Hood Ornament".  The idea is to see how far we can get without it falling off the hood.  It is so entertaining & well worth hearing the squeals & giggles that come from the kids (ok, & from me too!).
Even with all this fun & excitment we even were able to squeeze in a Science Lesson too!

We learned that the Moon was at it's largest & brightest Full Moon of the year.
Some may even call it a {Wolf Moon} or better known scientifically as a Perigee Moon.  It was 14% wider & 30% brighter than lesser full Moons of the year.
We were even able to get a glimpse of Mars (an orange, star-like sphere to the left of the Moon). 
My cell phone just does not do it justice.
Photo taken from spaceweather.com
Below is a much better photo taken by Steve Greaves of the Perigee Full Moon (Wolf Moon) with Mars the red planet (tiny speck of orange light on far left).
Photo taken in Darfield, Barnsley, South Yorkshire on 29 January 2010 at around 10pm.