The Boy is officially Eleven!

Yesterday marks the day that we have been blessed for the past 11 years with such a remarkable child.  Devyn, once again, you have proven to be such an exceptional addition to our family!  And what a remarkable date too,

One, 11, Eleven

And on this date, 1-11-11, you became 11. 
Definitely a date to remember!

We truly are blessed!

Implementing our new guideline for gift giving...
4 Gifts
A Want
A Need
A Wear
A Read

This was a date to remember.
You had been wanting to go see Tron and needing to spend some one-on-one time with Mom...
so we took off and saw TRON in 3D.  And what a fun time we had watching and discussing the movie...very cool special effects...and those Tron bikes...WOW!


On the way there to fulfill your READ we stopped off and picked up the first of the book series
How to Train Your Dragon
All that was left was something to WEAR.
That, we had planned to go & use your Target Gift Card. 
On another day perhaps...we ran out of time.

I really enjoyed spending time with you, just the two of us.
It was like old times when we could sit and talk for hours.
I love you buddy!
Love, Mom.
Make your goal setting S.M.A.R.T.!

I can't think of a better acronym for goal setting.  But can 5 letters make for a more simplistic way to set your goals?  Absolutely they can!  And what a better time than now, especially when those New Year Resolutions lists are being compiled (or in some of our cases, rewritten).

I had such an eloquent & informative post on setting goals for the New Year and then...I managed to lose EVERYTHING!!!

So...my first New Year Resolution for the 2011 year is to BACK Up everything I write!!!

Happy New Year Everyone!