I know, I know...I still have yet to post all of the pictures from Devyn's birthday party ...but hey this is a really cute video taken from a blog called Cake Wrecks.  And you would just hate me for not sharing it with all of you.


I know I have mentioned I would post more pics from Devyn's birthday...but, I just had to share a quick picture that my 5 year old daughter, Dagyn drew for Christmas since I was cleaning off our Art Gallery (fridge).

Here it is...isn't it so cute?!  It is her interpretation of Christ's birth.  She included Joseph & Mary within the stable along with the night's sky & the Bethlehem star in the middle.  So sweet.  How can I (or anyone else for that matter) resist loving such a sweet child.


I thought this was interesting poll regarding what the primary reason most Christian parents send their children to secular public schools instead of private or home schooling.  I found it in an article:  Christians called to mass exodus from public schools.


Or shall we say...the Dark Knight!?!?

WE had a blast yesterday with cousins for Devyn's b-day.  We took lots of pictures and just had a very low-key celebration...except for the surprise celebrity appearance of the DArk KniGht!

Devyn & I took some really fun shots before everyone started showing up.  Dagyn took them so a few are a bit blurry.

The follwoing pic we (Devyn & I) call "The Screamer!"

Making silly faces...



Yep it's true...we love eachother!

Afterwards we got busy making his b-day cake. 

EVery year, I have the kids pick out their favorite cake & icing and then we make it together.  This year he decided on chocolate, chocolate cake with blue sprinkles.

Devyn couldn't wait to Lick the Bowl!

Or the rubber spatula.

Soon after we had Dyson join us...

And Dagyn...

Devyn took "Licking the Bowl" to a new depth...

Who knew that chocolate cake batter made TERRIFIC Hair Gel.

Ok, so I am runnin late (As Usual)...so I will continue this later...I have LOTS more pics to share.


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Having 6 children, more than 1/2 of them under 5, there was NO way we were going to be able to make it to Midnight.  So, we decided to celebrate Mormon Style with sparkling apple juice & a countdown at 10pm (and that was stretching it).  Towards the end, I wasn't quite sure if I was going to make it either.  We may be shooting for 9pm for 2010's celebration.

As you will notice there are no pictures of Devyn.  That is because he was not there.  He was spending time with his dad, Wayne this year. 

I was there however.  I am in the last picture (well, my hand is).  I was taking the pictures of our family's event so you will only get a glimpse of me.



Splish Splash

Here are the 3 stooges.  All three of them followed lead and ended up splashing around in this puddle at the park.
They had SO much fun!

After that, Dagyn caught herself a cricket...then we headed home on foot...paused only a moment to take a picture in front of a nativity...then made a stop at Grandma & Grandpa's for a snack


Sorry for not posting this (and other posts) sooner.

Some of you may not know that Dylan attends a special needs school to accomodate his special need, Autism.  Every year the school puts on a Holiday Festival right before the break for the students and their families.

These are the things we did when we attended this year's Holiday Festival @ Dylan's School:   We got to play on the playground, decorate cookies & eat them, visit with Santa, eat lunch (yummy hotdogs & hamburgers), play on the playground some more, play carnival games: ball maze (Devyn's favorite)/mini golf/tic-tac-toe bean bag toss/bottle rings/quarterback football toss (Dyxon's favorite)/hockey, sing Christmas carols with a live band (well, one guy on an electric guitar - good enuff), eat candy canes and all the while we managed to fit in one temper tantrum & a nap.  And no, neither were me.  Although I sure could have used that nap.

We hope you enjoy looking at the pictures as much as we enjoyed being at the festival.  See slide show below.


ON December 27th, we had to ask ourselves that same question, "What's wrong with PInk?".

I mean really, the room we were about to paint Pink was only going to be inhabited by 2 girls...well, it would, sometime in the future.  But for now, we had our youngest son (2years) in the room with our eldest daughter (5years).  Well, atleast temporarily.  That is until he feels more comfortable with transitioning into his BIG BOY bed that awaits him in the Boys Room (which btw, is painted in nice shades of Green & Blue).

So, did we have a PINK KINK IN OUR THINK?  I think not, we like Pink.  Except of course when it comes to Pepto Pink.  I've never like the stuff myself.  It just makes me sick to even think about it.  More specifically when I think about the time I was sick with the Flu in the Summer between my 5th & 6th grade year of school.  But that's an entirely different story.  This story is about the color of our Girls Room. 

So was it ok for us to go ahead and paint the room Pink?  Yeah, I think so.  Besides, it is a nice light shade and the kids really enjoyed helping out.  No matter what the color was, they still enjoyed their time in there, painting with their dad.

Aren't they so cute?!?!