Exactly 2 months ago (June 25)  we added another blessing to our family.
He has grown so much and is such a cute little chunky monkey, covered in rolls and chub.  Chubby legs, chubby arms, chubby knees & elbows but who can resist the mention of his chubby cheeks and his dimpled chin?  Not a one in this family!

We are so blessed to have him!
Thank you Heavenly Father for trusting us with yet another one of your beloved sons.

This Sunday past, we had the privilege of witnessing yet another wonderful miracle.  The ordinance of a "blessing and a name" for this sweet man child.

Our famliy with Bishop Fabiano (holding Daxyn)
09/10/2010 5:26pm

Congrats! He is SSOO beautiful! I love all the hair, and those cheecks are SO kissable!

11/28/2010 10:15am

Love that picture of your family.
You are so beautiful!!


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