This past week we have celebrated 2 birthdays, Dylan is now 16 and Dagyn is 6.  10 year gap and only 1 week apart.

I cannot believe that 16 years ago I would have been laboring on a hospital bed scared outta my wits not knowing for sure how any of this "baby stuff" works.  No plan, no security, no choice but to push ahead.  But that is my life.  Life provides choices, I make choices, choices bring forth consequences, and I push through them.  Thank goodness most choices have been good ones.  Like Dylan; he is a good choice.  Mind you, he has not been a very easy choice.  You see, Dylan has Asperger's Syndrome.

He looks the same as other 16 year olds at first glance, he even comes off as (at times) behaving like other young men his age.  But Dylan is different...he is special.  He is hypersensitive, hyperfocused (at times when it seems most inconvenient to others) and hyperdriven...well atleast he used to be.

So we celebrated another year of his life with him this past Friday.
Dylan's thoughts:  "today is [pretty much] the best day of my life".
If only we could all have that attitude about our birthday.  I mean, really, how many of us approach a birthday with an attitude like this:  "oh great, yet another year"  or even better (or should I say even worse), "it's just another birthday, no big deal" or "I stopped counting at 29"... what is it with this 29?  Is this some magic # that is supposed to immortalize our youth?  Come on, we all know that we all grow older.  It reminds me of that Primary song, "one year older & wiser too...happy birthday, to you!"  Shouldn't we be celebrating that fact, "wiser too"?  How wonderful for us that we have been blessed with another year here on Earth.

Ok, we digress...
And so that is how Dagyn feels.  She is the epitomy of sweetness.  She is so greatful to be blessed with another year here and to become 6 years old.  To her that means, no more carseat, a bigger bike (with no training wheels ~ she might add), a bigger girl to help Mommy & Daddy, and yes...she feels much wiser too!
So, who would have to question that after labor with her, when still loopy from the whole thing, that when asked by my most wonderful OB, C.Hunt, if we were going to have more that I would respond with a resounding, YES!!! would too with a child like her!

So today, I take head of action to when my birthday roles around in a couple of months, that I may celebrate life as it should be and accept my time here on Earth and turn (dare I say it)...39...too late.

Happy birthday to any & all of you whose birthday falls in August!  Know that I send you good tidings of joy as you celebrate yet another year (& become wiser too)!

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